Easter Homework

Yesterday the children brought home a set of handwriting sheets for the Reception children and Reading / Handwriting sheets for the Year 1 children.

We are encouraging the children with their cursive handwriting and this homework will support this.

The children’s reading books have been collected in for Easter, please encourage your child to read and share with you a range of other books  during the Easter holidays.

Have a wonderful holiday


Science Week

On Monday we had a day in the life of an astronaut. We all had to complete a series of missions similar to what Tim Peake may have to do on the International Space Station.

We started of by watching clips of Tim Peake before he went into space, the take off and then found out about his space walk.

Our missions included – space mathematics, junk modelling – making rockets and space stations, dexterity testing (making models with gloves on) and fitness tests outside we completed a chemistry investigation, which cause an explosion – simulating lift off and ate ‘Astronaut Ice Cream’.

This was all in a days work for the astronauts of Reception/Y1!!!

Well done children you were all fantastic astronauts – certificates to come home tomorrow.

IMG_0976 IMG_0983  IMG_0965 IMG_0956 IMG_0949 IMG_0946 IMG_0942 IMG_0935  IMG_0922 IMG_0922 IMG_0921 IMG_0919

IMG_0930 IMG_0973IMG_0924

British Values Week

The children had a wonderful day thinking about some of the important British values – tolerance, the rule of law, democracy, equality and mutual respect.

In Reception Year 1 we explored some of these themes through fun and relevant activities for the children.

We made a traditional bread and butter pudding, designed crowns for the queen, investigated the the UK flag and thought about manners and respect at the table.IMG_0908 IMG_0910 IMG_0912 IMG_0916 IMG_0898

Extreme Readers

Well done to all the children who have been reading in some unusual and exciting places. Keep it up!!!!

IMG_1845  36c70a9361f24fad4695d208e0817cf3FullSizeRender

Keep sending in the pictures. It’s giving us all some great ideas!!!!!

Science Week

This week the children will be experiencing a whole range of science activities. We will be finding out about Tim Peake’s experiences on the International  Space Station (ISS) and thinking about what life is like for astronaut’s out in space.

Get ready for an exciting week of science.

If you have any old boxes, plastic bottles and other junk modelling materials – please send them in.

A pair of gloves will come in handy, as will a pair of goggles (for skiing or swimming) but don’t worry if you don’t as we have some spares.

Lots of photos to follow our extraordinary science week.download

Maths Homework

Spring 2 Week 4cards

This week we are working hard to practise our knowledge of number bonds to 10.

A fun activity to try at home is to play snap with a pack of cards. Instead of matching the same numbers why not look for pairs which add to 10, then say “SNAP” e.g ‘3 and 7’, ‘2 and 8’, ‘6 and 4’ etc.

You can also play the fun game at http://www.mathplayground.com/number_bonds_10.html

The Reception children can play snap with a pack of cards which develops skills of taking turns, number recognition and learning the names of the symbols on the cards.

World Book Day!

What a fantastic day we had on Thursday for World Book Day.

Even though we stayed in our PJ’s all day we still got round to doing loads of fun activities around our special book, ‘The Tiger that came to Tea.’

We made biscuits, designed our own book mark, made tiger prints and patterns, we even wrote our own stories. The day was rounded off with the Year 4 class coming in to share a book with us. It was a really special day.

All this fantastic work will be on display in our classroom next week so come and have a look.

IMG_0823 IMG_0822IMG_0849

IMG_0836  IMG_0829 IMG_0824IMG_0825IMG_0830IMG_0828 IMG_0827  IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835  IMG_0837IMG_0847

IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0848  IMG_0840 IMG_0841   IMG_0844

Ecclesall Library

The children spent a wonderful morning at Ecclesall Library on Wednesday. We found out how the library works, looked at and shared the books and we even had a story read to us by the librarian.

We are so lucky to have this fantastic resource in our local area. It was a great morning. We didn’t even mind the walk and the weather!!!!

IMG_0817IMG_0809  IMG_0811  IMG_0818IMG_0814   IMG_0813    IMG_0819 IMG_0810IMG_0816IMG_0815

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

Last week week we enjoyed reading the story, ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad.’. It was a great book and gave us a chance to think about where all the fruit actually comes from and how it grows.

We all had the chance to make our very own fruit salad. We had great fun making it and especially eating it.

IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791   IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0799  IMG_0801 IMG_0803IMG_0794