Library Exchange Day

All the children in R/Y1 visited the school library this afternoon and have come home with a school library book today.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this session, having the opportunity to choose their own library book.

This will happen every Thursday afternoon.

Please ensure you return the Library book next Thursday and then your child can choose a new book. It would be a great idea if you send your child in with their reading book bag every Thursday.

With thanks

Autumn Project

Just look at a member of our class harvesting the fruit from her garden.

Autumn is the time apples, pears and plums are ripe and ready to be eaten or made into fruit pies and jams.

A little bird was also watching. Can you name the bird and also who was picking fruit?

What is hiding inside the pear?

img_0419 img_0427 img_0423 img_0422 img_0420

Library Visit

We are visiting Ecclesall Library for our first trip out on the afternoon of Friday 14th October. I will need some helpers so if you think you could be available to come with us please let me know. There will be more details about the trip in the coming week.

With thanks


Autumn 1 Week 3 (19th September 2016)


An alphabet arc sheet will be coming home with your child tomorrow after school (Monday). Please share it with your child and have fun singing the ‘Alphabet Song’ together. Year 1’s –  Encourage your child to track the letters / graphemes as they sing.

Reception & Year 1’s Can you match magnetic letters to the arc or do an alphabet jigsaw.

Alternatively …Play I spy using letter sounds.


Have fun counting sets of objects round and about. Cars, houses, apples, toys, spoons, cups etc

Try to use language more and fewer to compare two sets.

An example could be…..

How many cups are on the table? How many spoons are on the table?

Are there more cups or spoons? Are there fewer cups or spoons?



Well done children for all doing so well getting changed and ready for P.E today.

I am timing the children each lesson with the online stop watch to see if we can get quicker and quicker.

Children, keep practising getting dressed and undressed at home, doing as much of it as you can yourself.

Those buttons are tricky but if you put in the effort  they will get easier!