Trip to Ecclesall Library

We had such a wonderful trip to Ecclesall Library this morning. The children enjoyed the walk and the sunshine. We had chance to hear two lovely stories read by the Librarian and an opportunity to look and read the books.

The children behaved beautifully and were great representatives for St.Wilfrids.

We even saw the crane being deconstructed on our walk up and down the hill…. Fascinating!


img_0423 img_0428  img_0430 img_0431 img_0433 img_0435 img_0436  img_0440 img_0440 img_0441 img_0442 img_0443 img_0444


img_0447 img_0452 img_0455 img_0460


Thank you to all our fantastic helpers.

Library Trip

The children are all excited about their visit to the Library in the morning. The weather forecast is promising and looks dry. I have reminded all children to bring a coat with a hood just in case and wear their usual sensible school shoes – no wellies please.

We will be setting off just after registration so please try to arrive promptly in the morning. Thank you to the parent and grandparent volunteers.

Photographs to follow.


Autumn Projects

Well done and thank you for all the wonderful work the children have done for their Autumn Project.

The work and ideas the children have brought into school this week has been amazing and led to much discussion and excitement.

Thank you for supporting your child at home.

Here are pictures of the children’s projects.

img_0370 img_0377  img_0379   img_0387 img_0389  img_0391 img_0393 img_0395 img_0397 img_0398 img_0400  img_0404 img_0408 img_0409 img_0422 img_0421

Autumn Walk

This morning we have enjoyed an Autumn walk around the school grounds – we even went into the woods. The children have been using all their senses to observe carefully. We have thought about what we can see, hear, smell and touch. The children made some Autumn pictures and patterns. We all enjoyed the Autumn sunshine together.

img_0369 img_0367  img_0365 img_0364

Exploring Addition

The children have been exploring the concept of addition through identifying the parts that make the whole.

For example….

The parts are four and two. The whole is six.

Four plus two is equal to six.

The children are encouraged to speak in full sentences and have been using a range of objects e.g fruit, pencils, toys etc and practical mathematics resources to represent these concepts.

img_0329 img_0326 img_0328 img_0325

Doubling and Halving

The Year One pupils have been finding out about doubling and halving.

We have found out that double means two equal groups added together.

The Reception pupils have also worked on this concept by finding two matching Numicon pieces (the same as…) and then counting how many altogether.

img_0302 img_0301 img_0303 img_0306

We have been exploring halves of a number using fruit, cubes, pencils and lots of other practical equipment. Halving means when the whole has been shared into two equal groups.



Our new R.E. topic is ‘Belonging’.

The children have been thinking about the different groups they belong to, for example Rainbows, Beavers, swimming groups, our school and our own class. We have also discussed how it feels to belong to a group.

We have talked about how it is important to welcome new members to our groups and this has been a good chance to think about how we can welcome the new member to our class.

Here are some of the ways the children have suggested we can make one another feel welcome.

Smiling, sharing, asking someone to play, helping one another, always treating one another with respect with our words and actions and to follow Jesus’ example by our love and kindness for one another.

You can see some of these examples as we work and play together at school.

img_0340  img_0359 img_0356 img_0351img_0352

img_0346 img_0355 img_0354




Missing Jumper!

A child in the class has mislaid a new jumper at the beginning of the week and another one today (the first jumper did not have a name on).

I have checked throughout the classroom and down the corridor and so presume the jumper has gone home with a different child.

Please check the jumper which came home with your child today to ensure it was the correct one.

We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their own jumpers and cardigans and hang them on their pegs when they take them off.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.


Homework to be coming out after school today.

Maths for Reception – Complete the number line.

Year 1 – Working on number bonds to 7. Completing the whole-part-part model.

Reception and Year 1 Handwriting Sheets.