Outdoor Learning

The children have been very busy in the out door area this week. There is so much to do. You can learn to throw, catch, play football.


Balance, hoola hoop……


Design, plan and build……….

img_0635 img_0641



Write letters, invitations, cards, labels, shopping list, stories…….. img_0639    img_0636

Most importantly time to talk, play and learn with your friends.


2 D Shape

We have been busy investigating 2 D shape this week. The children have worked with their learning partner to find about and support one another with their learning.

You can see from the pictures how carefully we listen to one another and help one another with our learning.

The children have a enjoyed the 2D shape song which uses the correct language to name and describe 2D shape. http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/zjv39j6/videos/2

Maybe you can listen to it at home and even spot shapes out and about this week.

img_0606 img_0605 img_0604 img_0607 img_0612 img_0611 img_0610 img_0609 img_0608 img_0615 img_0613

Golden Broom Award

Well done Reception Year 1.

At last we have won the golden broom. We have been putting so much effort into keeping our classroom and cloakroom tidy. We have thought about the importance of respecting our classroom, outside area and school by looking after our resources, coats, bags and all our equipment.

Let’s try to keep this up. It is lovely when we all work together as a team to make this happen.

img_0602 img_0601

Road Safety Week

We had a very interesting lesson on how we can keep safe on and around our roads.

The main things we need to remember are:

Be bright be seen.

How to cross a road safely with an adult.

How to behave near traffic.

In car safety.

The session was very interesting and next week we will have the chance to practise these skills when we use the pelican crossing set in our outdoor area.

img_0586 img_0589 img_0592

Autumn 2 Project

Do you remember our last terms project when we investigated Autumn?


Our next project is due in this week and is about nocturnal animals. Maybe you have chosen an animal and made a fact file or drawn a picture?

I am looking forward to seeing this work. If you cannot get it in for Wednesday, I am happy for it to come in by the start of next week..

Our new outdoor area

The children have been investigating the new outdoor area. We have been having so much fun with our learning. Look at the photos showing some of the exciting activities the children have been experiencing.

Can we make sure everyone has a hat, warm coat and tights (for the girls) as we want to get out as much as possible and not be put off by the colder weather.

With thanks.

img_0385 img_0387 img_0389 img_0390 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393   img_0395 img_0400 img_0401 img_0402 img_0404 img_0408 img_0410


A Big Thank you!

Thank you so much to the PTA for our wonderful new carpet.

The children are absolutely delighted with it. They were so pleased they have been writing beautiful thank you letters to the PTA which we will pass on tomorrow.

We feel very lucky and it is so easy to find our carpet space now!


Music with Mr Elliot

The children enjoyed a wonderful musical afternoon with Mr Elliot on Friday. We danced, sang and even had the chance to try out some of the instruments. Many thanks Mr Elliot for coming into school. We all enjoyed it.

img_0520  img_0532

New Carpet

Many thanks to the PTA for the fantastic new carpet in the classroom. The children have been delighted with it and it has been so easy to find our places.

No longer any wiggly rows of children.

You can see it in the background as we investigated our 3D shapes today.