Crazy Maths

As it was our last day before the holiday we decided to have a day off from our six part mathslesson and have a day of ‘Crazy Maths’. This is when the children investigate whatever they like, as long as it has something to do with maths. It was great fun. Everyone enjoyed it and we got great maths done too, bringing lots of our learning from the half term together.

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Grace Darling Project

Thomas’ Dad came into school to tell us all about his Round the World Yacht Race -‘The Global Challenge’.

It was fascinating to hear all about this experience and the children found it very incredibly interesting – asking some really good questions. We found out what it was like to live on a yacht for 9 and a half months, the route around the world they took and how dangerous it could be. We then had the chance to try out some of the equipment.

It made us appreciate how dangerous it must have been for Grace Darling on the night of her heroic rescue without any of the modern equipment that Thomas’ Dad had. She must have been very brave and strong to have been able to rescue nine survivors in a wooden rowing boat.

Thank you so much Mr Graveley for bring our topic alive and making it real.

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We then finished the afternoon off sharing our projects with one another and with parents. It has been such an interesting topic, the children have been excited and inspired. Thank you parents for all the support you have given your children at home.

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St. Wilfrid’s Bake Off

Well done children and parents for the wonderful creative ‘Grace Darling’ themed cakes you sent into school yesterday.

We had such an enjoyable day seeing all the amazing cake, tasting them and the fun of the competition and finding out who would win.

Miss Kidd had the difficult decision of deciding who would win. Well done Martha, who represented our class in the final.

I think everyone was very proud of themselves and we had great fun. Thank you for all the money raised by buying the cakes and buns.

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Police Visit

As part of our topic on ‘Heroes’ we had our very own local heroes come to visit school this week.

PC Caulder and PC Wright kindly paid us a visit to tell us about their jobs. We found out how they do their job to keep us safe in our local area. We had the chance to look and even try out some of their equipment finding out about how it works. At the end of the day they had to dash off to a real emergency!

We were very lucky to meet some real life heroes.

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Thank you PTA

A huge thank you to the PTA for supplying and making our new reading area in the classroom. The children think it is wonderful and such a lovely environment for them to go and read and enjoy books in.

With thanks.

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Grace Darling Project

The children have been fascinated by the Grace Darling story and finding out about this Victorian heroine.

Throughout the project we have been able to compare how lifeboats operated in the past to today’s modern version and how things have changed dramatically.

Here are some photos of the children’s projects showing what we have been doing in school and at home.

img_0584  img_0575 img_0569img_0573

img_0572 img_0570

Family are invited into our classroom on Friday afternoon (17th February) a little earlier at 3pm so that we can share and show what we have been learning about.

St. Wilfrid’s Bake Off

Dear Parents,


A few simple ideas for the ‘Grace Darling’ themed bake off……..

As Grace was a Victorian heroine, any type of Victoria style sponge cake or buns would be good.

Rock buns / Scones / Crispie Cakes to represent the rocks the Forfarshire ship crashed into.

Blue buttercream / icing  to represent the sea or red and white for a lighthouse.

Hope I have not been too adventurous with the theme. Please interpret it in as imaginative / loose way as possible.

Happy baking!!!!

Down at the Gym!

It’s been very exciting at our ‘Outdoor Gym’ this week as all the children had a chance to design their own obstacle course to keep us healthy and fit.

The children had the challenge of making sure their obstacle course included something to go; over, under, through, on, balance and around.

The plans were amazing and the children were really excited to test all their plans and ideas out.

Erin and Peter (our class parliament reps) will be bringing our ideas to share at the next meeting.


News Flash from St.Wilfrid’s Fire Station!


The children have been busy working at St. Wilfrid’s fire Station this week.

Not just putting out fires, but rescuing cats from trees, children stuck in blazing houses and they even had a hoax call!

The children had to write down lots of information when the emergency phone rang.

Where was the emergency? What is the address we need to get to?

What has happened? So that we know the correct equipment to bring?

The name and number of the person phoning just in case we have to phone back.

What a week for the firefighters!



We have had a busy week learning about time in Reception/Year 1.

We started by thinking about the months of the year and the order they come in. Very importantly we talked about the month of our birthday and looked at all our birthdays on our class ‘Seasons’ display. We enjoyed singing the ‘Months of the Year’ song found at:

Next, we thought about the days of the week. We learnt a new song, which we all love clapping along to. You can find it at:

After that we sequenced our day, thinking carefully about what happens in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. The children learnt a new way to order things in ‘chronological order’.

For the last two days we’ve begun to think about shorter units of time; seconds, minutes and hours.

For homework this week it would be great fun to think about:

What you can do in a second?  e.g. blink, clap, hop etc

What can you do in a minute?

What might take an hour?

As you can see from the photos We had great fun learning about what we could do in a minute.

How many times can you write your name?


Can you balance on one leg for a minute?

How many star jumps can you do?


How many bricks can you build a tower with?


What number can you write up to starting from 1?

Today we have been reading o’clock times and all the children are confident to read any o’clock time. We even began to think about 1 hour later or earlier.

Next week half past……….