Grace Darling Project

Thomas’ Dad came into school to tell us all about his Round the World Yacht Race -‘The Global Challenge’.

It was fascinating to hear all about this experience and the children found it very incredibly interesting – asking some really good questions. We found out what it was like to live on a yacht for 9 and a half months, the route around the world they took and how dangerous it could be. We then had the chance to try out some of the equipment.

It made us appreciate how dangerous it must have been for Grace Darling on the night of her heroic rescue without any of the modern equipment that Thomas’ Dad had. She must have been very brave and strong to have been able to rescue nine survivors in a wooden rowing boat.

Thank you so much Mr Graveley for bring our topic alive and making it real.

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We then finished the afternoon off sharing our projects with one another and with parents. It has been such an interesting topic, the children have been excited and inspired. Thank you parents for all the support you have given your children at home.

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