St.Wilfrid’s International Airport

It has been busy at the ‘St.Wilfrid’s International Airport’ this week with fights taking off to London, the desert and even ‘The Great Wall of China’.

Would all passengers fill in the necessary booking forms, weigh suitcases carefully (ordering from heaviest to lightest) and select destination on the large world map.

Enjoy your flight!

(Don’t forget to fasten your seat belt and go through all the safety checks before take off)

World Book Day

We had a super day on Thursday celebrating World Book Day. The day was jam packed with exciting activities which started with everyone arriving at school in their fantastic costumes.


img_1226   img_1229     img_1234 img_1235 img_1236 img_1237 img_1238 img_1239 img_1240 img_1241 img_1242     img_1214

We were very lucky to have the author and poet Bernard Young join us for the day. We had the wonderful opportunity of hearing his poems, joining in and even making our own up with him.



We joined up with the Year 4’s to read our favorite stories. The day finished on a high when we came together as a whole school and performed our songs and poems together.

Well done children for making it such a special and memorable day.

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All About Me Books

Thank you for the wonderful ‘All about me sheets’ the children completed. It was lovely to find out something new about the children and they really did make me smile…… a great way to capture just how they see things at this point in their lives.

I would like to build on this activity by the children beginning their very own books all about them. This can be kept very simple. The children can write, draw, stick or photograph something they have done, enjoyed or is important to them in the week.


The books do not have to be fancy, a scrap book, old folder, pieces of paper stuck together would do.

I will have a box for these books in the classroom and the children can look at them and share them with others either on their News day or during continuous provision times of the day when the children have the opportunity to choose their own learning.


I am excited to see what the children come up with for these books and it will help me build a greater understanding of your child from home.

Any questions please just come and ask.