Tree Planting

On Tuesday all the children had the opportunity to help plant a tree in the school grounds. The school had won the trees in a competition and the PTA very kindly funded Sheffield Wildlife to come into school to help plant them with us.

In the pictures you can see the children planting oak, cherry, rowan (mountain ash) and birch trees.

Thank you very much to the PTA. The children really enjoyed this opportunity and learnt how to plant a tree and give it the correct conditions to enable it to grow and flourish in the future.

Easter Week

We had a wonderful Easter week in school.

The children were involved in lots of activities thinking about this most important week. We made palms and role played the story of Palm Sunday, the children reflected on the Last Supper and how it must have felt for Jesus and the disciples.

We thought about the Lenten promises we had made on Ash Wednesday and how well we had done to try our best to keep to them, remembering the importance of always being able to make a fresh start.

We heard the story of Good Friday and were fascinated to watch the older pupils in the Passion Play. All the children recorded the story in their R.E. books. We also acted out the joy of that first Easter Sunday when the women arrived at the tomb to hear Jesus had risen from the dead.

The children also enjoyed the Easter bonnet parade and Easter Egg decoration competition. We were also visited by the Easter Bunny which was very exciting.

All About Me Books

The ‘All About Me’ books have been a great success. The children have enjoyed sharing their books with one another and it has been fascinating to find out more about each child and their special interests and hobbies out of school.

The children (and parents) have worked hard to make the books really special and they are very proud of all their efforts….. as you can see from the photos.


Animal Projects Exhibition

Before we finished for the Easter holidays we invited the Year 6 class to come and see our ‘Animal Projects’.

The children were able to proudly show and explain their learning to the older children. The Year 6 pupils were extremely impressed and interested in the projects. They really enjoyed themselves and said they had learnt lots of new facts and were amazed at what the children had done. We had posters, models, pictures, fact files and booklets. It was a lovely afternoon and all the children felt very proud of themselves and felt a great sense of achievement.


Thank you parents for supporting your child’s learning at home.

Judo Session

The children enjoyed learning about some of the basic techniques of Judo with Gareth on Friday 7th April.

All the children joined in enthusiastically listening and watching Gareth carefully.

It was great fun to try out the moves and the signals ‘go’ and ‘stop’. The pictures show the class in the sports hall practising the new skills and games that Gareth introduced to them.


Good Shepherd Fund Raising

To raise money for the Good Shepherd Fund on Wednesday the children can come to school in their own spring themed coloured clothes (, yellow, pink, orange etc). In exchange for the children wearing their own clothes they can pay £1. We will be doing lots of Easter and Spring themed activities this week.

With thanks

We love Maths!

The children are given focused opportunities to generate their own investigations in mathematics. Just look at some of the things they have been working on.


All About Me Books

The ‘All About Me’ books the children have been working on at home are fantastic. It is so lovely to find out about what the children enjoy doing  and are interested in school outside school.

The children are enjoying sharing their books with the  whole class and with their friends. We even had a ‘All About Me’ shop set up on Friday afternoon, it closed when the PA’s went for lunch and coffee break but it was visited by lots of children.

You can see how proud the children are of their books from the photos. Please keep bringing them in and adding to them each week.