Class Assembly

Please be aware our class assembly is on Friday 19th May at 9am.

Our assembly will be titled ‘A Special Friend’.

The children will be bringing home their parts to practise on Monday and ideas for their costumes (they will be simple, so don’t worry). They will also bring the words to the song ‘I’ve got a friend in you.’ from the movie Toy Story 1. If you get chance play it and encourage your child to sing along.

It would be lovely if every child has someone from home to watch the assembly.



Reception Maths – Numbers to 20.

The children have been deepening their understanding of numbers to 20.

They have been representing numbers with objects, counting objects and pictures and using the language of more and fewer to compare amounts to 20.



We have also been gaining confidence using a number line comparing numbers using the language greater than and less than.

Outdoor Learning

The Reception children have enjoyed working in the new outdoor area.

We played ‘Bunny Ears’…… when the children hold up the correct number of fingers to represent a number.

E.g Show me 8. The children may show a 5 and 3, 4 and 4 etc. The game is a good way of consolidating number bonds.