Our Fire Engine Visit


Today we started our topic ‘Great Fire of London’ with an exciting fire engine visit. The children loved looking around the fire engine and using the different fire fighting equipment. They also enjoyed taking part in a fire safety workshop.

Year 1 Homework

The children will bring home their spellings tomorrow if they haven’t already done so. The spellings are: wassaidareof and you. We will be covering these spellings at school as well. We work on our spelling strategies throughout the week (‘Fred fingers’ and ‘red rhythms’ for tricky words). It would be fantastic if you could look at these spellings with your child and perhaps practise them in fun ways (in the air, in sand, with a paintbrush, with magnetic letters).

Maths homework – Number bonds to 5.  Please can your child complete the ‘Robot Worksheet’ .  We have also assigned a video on ‘Maths with Parents’ based on numbers to 20.  If you have not yet registered, you will soon receive an email  with information on how to sign in.  You can also pop into school on Friday at 2.45pm as there will be a short demonstration on how to use the website.

Many thanks again for your support.

Autumn is coming!

As part of our science work, we have been discussing seasons and seasonal changes. We have talked about how it is still summer but will be autumn at the end of this week. We went for a walk around the school grounds to see if we could spot any signs of autumn. The children looked closely at the trees to look at the colour of their leaves and also collected some fallen ones to take into class. We also found lots of acorns! We then enjoyed some autumn activities in the classroom.

Year 1 Homework

The children have brought some spellings home today. These are spellings which we will be learning throughout the week. In class we think about the sounds in the words and we use rhythms to learn the trickier words. The children are great at ‘having a go’. Please also continue to use the letter formation sheet we sent home last week. For maths, it would be fantastic if you and your child could count sets of objects (eg apples and oranges or cars and trains). Which set has more? Which set has fewer?

All year 1 children should have also brought home their second set of reading books for the week. Please can you try and fit in daily reading with your child. Even if it’s just a couple of pages a night. It really makes a big difference.

Many thanks

Miss Locke and Mrs Dalton

Our Fantastic Outdoor Area


After some bad weather, the children are now really enjoying our outdoor area and accessing this provision. They have really loved using the crates and construction material to build fire engines related to our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic and role playing being fire fighters.  They also enjoyed working in the call centre taking emergency calls! It has been really enjoyable listening to the conversations and observing the excellent team work! IMG_2686.JPG


Year 1 Homework 13.9.17

Year 1 Homework (will be shared every Wednesday)

Spellings and Reading

Today your child has come home with a letter formation sheet and spellings. Please can your child practise their letter formation at home whenever they get chance, maybe they could have a go at writing out some of their spellings. This can be done in a fun  way, for example with paints, in sand, with different coloured pens. Some children have left their letter formation sheets behind, if your child has just let us know  and we will make sure they have one.  Spellings can also be learnt in a creative way, for example using magnetic letters, drawing pictures to match them.

Your child will change their reading book every week.  This will take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday (this is stated on your child’s individual letter).   Please can you make sure your child has their book on this day.


For maths, please practise counting in sets of real objects (up to 10). You could choose teddy bears, 1p coins, cars, dinosaurs or anything else. Try arranging them (for example, smallest to biggest)  and counting them in a line.


This week we will be starting our RE topic based on ‘Families’.  Please can your child bring in a photograph of their family. This will be returned in three weeks and will be used on our display.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Mrs Dalton and Miss Locke