Our Lovely Library Trip

Today the children walked to Ecclesall Library to find out how a library works.  They  really enjoyed listening to different stories and discussing the different types of books we have in a library. They then had the opportunity to look around the library and explore the different books. Thank you so much to the parents that helped walk us to the library and back to school. Also thank you for reading to the children.

Year 1 Homework

The spellings for over the holidays are –






We would like the children to have a lovely rest over the holidays. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks.  For maths, we are just asking for your children to identify any 3D shapes around the house or if your out and about. Also any repeating patterns they can see.

Humpty Dumpty Science Experiment

This afternoon, we listened to the song Humpty Dumpty. Then we thought about what materials we could put on the floor to stop Humpty from breaking.

We then learnt a new word ‘prediction’ and we made predictions about each of the different materials. We found out that the cotton wool, playdough, pine cones, corn flakes all protected Humpty from breaking. The marbles and the feathers didn’t protect Humpty and he cracked when he fell on these materials. We were very surprised about the feathers but decided that Humpty had hit the plastic basket at the bottom.

Handa’s Surprise

This week, instead of our usual phonics sessions we have been looking at the lovely book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We started the week by trying lots of different fruit from the book and thinking about how we could describe the fruit.

Our Trip to the Library – 25.10.17

Just to remind you all tomorrow is our visit to the library. We will be leaving after the register has been taken and will be back for lunch time. If anyone is still interested in helping, please feel free to join us.  The children can still wear brightly coloured clothes like the rest of the school. The weather forecast is looking good but please can your child  bring a warm, waterproof jacket just in case! Please can they also wear sensible footwear as we will be walking to Ecclesall Library. Many thanks.

Year 1 Maths

Over the last two days our Year 1 children have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. The children worked so well together building the tallest tower whilst talking about their properties and how they would fit together. They then went on to sorting the shapes into different categories. Well done children you have worked really hard and we are sure you would be great at spotting some different 3D shapes around your house.


The Fire Station

Today we went through a very simple version of ‘The Great Fire of London’ and opened our fire station. The children loved role playing the role of being a fireman. They also enjoyed being in the call centre and writing down messages for different emergencies.


We also started our new RE topic ‘Belonging’ and thought about different groups we belonged too, for example swimming, our school family, football, ballet.  The children created some lovely drawings and writing about their special groups. We also had some brilliant help from our buddies. Thank you!




Our Library Trip – Wednesday 25th October

Our library trip will still be going ahead next Wednesday. We apologise that there is a short harvest assembly at the same time but it is just a short assembly where our children in Key stage 1 are not involved in any parts.  We will still be attending the Harvest Mass on Friday and we will also be doing our own collective worship on the Harvest Festival in the school hall where the children will get to see the different foods.  They can still come in bright colours on that day. Many thanks.