Year 1 Homework

There is a new video and activities on the maths with parents website. We are learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. Spellings for this week are thatlookwiththen and come. Thank you for all your support.

Reception Reading

Story sacks are allocated on Wednesdays. On these days your child will be given a sack to share with you at home. They need to keep this for a week and return on their story sack day a week later. Unfortunately because of the number of sacks being issued they will only be changed and reissued if returned on the correct day.


Your child also has a reading day. This is when they are issued reading material to read to you at home. This is in the form of a green reading book with sheets stuck in which reinforces the work carried out in our phonics sessions in school. Please keep these at home for the week and practise little and often at home. Please fill in the reading dairy with comments about how your child has managed with their reading at home.

Reading timetable for Reception class Autumn 2017

Monday – Marc, Sophie P, Arthur, Great and George H

Thursday – Matteo, Franklin, Maks, Isla and Bletchley

Friday – Sophie B, Corinne, Hugo, Jeremiah and George A

Year 1 Homework

The spellings for this week are no, his, has, is and were.

There is a video uploaded on ‘Maths with Parents ‘1 digit subtraction on a number line.’  This is reinforcing the work we have been doing over the last few days.

Many thanks.

The Three Little Pigs!

We have been reading the story of the three little pigs and today we received a very exciting message from them.

They want us to test lots of different materials to see which is best to use for their house. We started making some houses today and here are some pictures of what we have done so far.

Materials in Science

We have started a new topic in science looking at materials. Last week, we used feely boxes and we had to describe what materials were inside. We used words like smooth and hard to describe the different objects.


This week we have been look at different types of materials and sorting materials into different groups.


Our Dance Lesson

The children really enjoyed today’s dance lesson. They have been previously  performing excellent moves whilst role playing building a house. Today we focussed on transport. They worked really well in teams to perform moves that represented different vehicles. We would also like to say well done to all of the children as they got ready brilliantly for their PE lesson!