Homework 29.11.17

Spellings for this week are intobackbyoff and this. Please can you ask your child to spot any verbs in their books as we have been looking at verbs this week during our grammar lessons.

Also there is a new maths video on Maths With Parents-


addition and subration by making 10 video and activities.

It would also be great to continue practising writing numbers 1 to 20 in words.

Many thanks

Advent services

As part of our preparation in Advent we will be holding simple Advent services in our classroom at the end of the day. We would love to have you join us at 3pm.
Mrs Clack has a sign up sheet in the office for our class. Our services will be held on :

Thursday 7th
Friday 8th
Monday 11th
Thursday 14th
Friday 15th
Monday 18th
There will be spaces for 5 parents at each slot.
Also we will be sending a prayer format home for you to write a simple prayer with your child. Please don’t panic as these should be really simple child led little prayers for us to share in our services. If you could write it down on the sheet provided and send it in as soon as you have done it that would be great.
Please don’t forget to pop into our exhibition on Monday in the hall.  Many thanks.

Morning Routine

Now that we are well into the second half term, we just wanted to remind all parents and carers about our morning routine. We open the doors at ten to nine, the children say goodbye to you at the door and then they go and hang their things up before they sit down on the carpet. We ask that it is just the children that come into the classroom in a morning now. There are several reasons behind this including safe guarding your children and increasing independence.
We are happy for you to pass on quick messages at the door and for anything that may take a bit longer, we ask that you book an appointment to come see us.
Many thanks
Miss Locke and Mrs Dalton

Year 1 Homework

This week’s spellings are houseputlikebe and called. Please also continue to practise writing the numbers 1 to 20 in words. We have added a new video and activities on the maths with parents website.

Finally, in class this week, we have been looking at questions and the punctuation used for questions. When your child is reading to you at home, could you help them identify any questions in the text and as an extension they could come up with some of their own questions.

Many thanks for your on going support.

Topic Exhibition

We are coming to the end of our  KS 1 and Foundation stage  topic of the Great Fire of London and the four classes would love to show you some of the work the children have been doing. We have decided to hold an exhibition of our work in the hall after school on Monday night. We would love as many of you as possible to take the time to pop into the hall to have a look at our exhibition after picking up your child on Monday.

Year 1 Homework

Spellings this week are theresomehavethem and children.

We will also be focusing on capital letters and full stops this week. Please can your child point out capital letters whilst you are reading them a story or they are reading their reading book to you. Many thanks.

Please carry on practising writing numbers 1 to 20 in words. It is  great help! The video and maths activities on Maths With Parents(http://www.mathswithparents.com ) is the 2 digit place value video.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Position and Direction – Year 1 Maths

Over the last couple of days the children have been using Bee-Bot toys to programme in directions. Their star words that they used were – algorithm, forwards, backwards, left, right and quarter of a turn.

They found what an algorithm is and the created their own algorithm for the Bee-Bot to follow. The children also played a game where they had to give each other directions to follow.

Judaism Week

The children have been learning about Hanukkah in RE this week. We talked about the special festival and went on to make Happy Hanukkah cards and Menorahs. We also talked about Abraham and God’s promise to him. The children worked so hard and really enjoyed learning about another religion.