Year One Homework

Our new video for this week is ‘Number Bonds within 10.’ We will be going on to looking at strategies we can use to work out more difficult problems. For example, if we know 3 + 4 =7, we will be able to work out 7 – 4 = 3.  We hope that you are finding the videos on ‘Maths with Parents’ useful.

The spellings for this week are –






Thank you.

Toilet Rolls

An urgent plea for the inside cardboard of toilet rolls (or similar – kitchen rolls etc). If you have any you could bring in within the next couple of days that would be fabulous.

Many thanks

Our School Woods

After the success of the school trip, we are planning another trip down to our school woods. We will be going on either Monday or Tuesday next week. Please could you provide your child with some wellies and waterproof coats. It would also be handy if they could bring in some tracksuit bottoms (or similar) as it will probably be very muddy!

Many thanks


We were very lucky this morning as we had a special visit from the RuggerEds. They came to show us some of the games and activities they do in their sessions. The children had lots of fun and really enjoyed it. Thank you to the the RuggerEds team for coming in.

If you would like more information about the sessions they run, then visit their website –



We won the golden broom!

Well done to our fantastic class, we won the golden broom for having such a tidy cloakroom! We are so proud of them as we were quite messy after the trip to the woods and the children tried so hard to tidy our cloakroom up! Well done.

Year 1 Maths Homework

The video this week is ‘Number Bonds to 10.’

Also, whilst you are reading any book at home, we are asking you to spot different questions? What words do they begin with? E.g What…How…Why..

Thank you.

Today’s trip to Ecclesall Woods

We certainly did launch our new topic of to a good start today –  ‘What lies in the deep, dark woods?’  We visited the woods and took part in a great workshop based on the story ‘We are going on a bear hunt.’ The children listened carefully to the story and then went on their very own  bear hunt through the woods. After a very muddy journey, we found the bear in a cave and named her Katie! We then talked about the different animals in the woods and what they need to survive. We counted some worms and made some dens for the different animals.

We would just like to say how amazing the children were today, not only did they walk all the way to the woods, they also got very wet. They were so sensible and they just got on happily with the activities so well. We were so proud of them! We would also like to thank our parents who helped, we didn’t have the best conditions!  You were really great and helped lots with the children. We hope the wellies and waterproofs haven’t come back too muddy, thank you again for your support and cooperation. Here are a few pictures of the day, I’m sure the children are tired tonight!



We started the term by learning about the human body and all the different names we give to the different parts of the body. We used post-it notes to write down the names and then stuck them on each other.

Today the children took part in a sense investigation. They had to use their senses to find something that smelt minty, something that made a squeaking noise, something that taste of apple, something that felt fury and something that measured 5 cubes. The children were brilliant at finding out the answers!


Ecclesall Woods – tomorrow

Just a reminder that we have our trip to Ecclesall Woods is tomorrow. Like Mrs Mckerrow said, you may think we are mad at this time of year but we are nothing if not adventurous and up for a challenge in winter!

We have checked the weather and we think we can expect rain, however it does keep changing! We will be walking from school, straight after drop off, as we need to be at the woods by 9.45am to start our activities. We will return back to school for 12.30pm for lunch. We will provide your child with a snack whilst we are there. If you would like your child to have a packed lunch from home please send this in with your child if not the kitchen will be providing packed lunch for all children with a  choice of ham or cheese.

Please send your child to school in suitable warm own clothes for the day. All children need to have warm trousers please. The children must come with a warm waterproof coat with a hood. Please could they also have gloves too. The children will need to come to school in their wellies  but please you send in alternative shoes in a plastic bag  for them to change into when we return. We are sure we will have a great time and fingers crossed we won’t come home too wet and muddy. Please can you keep checking the blog in case the weather is very bad.

Many thanks.

Year 1 Homework

Apologies for the delay in homework on the blog. Continuing from last week, we will be learning about time in our maths lessons.

Activities and games you could play at home to practise and deepen this knowledge are:

Game 21 with the months‘ – (for two people) Take it in turns to say the months of the year in order. Each partner can choose to say one or two months. The winner is the person to say December.

Remember to go on to ‘Maths with Parents’ to play the time game.

Sing ‘Days of the week’ song and ‘Months of the year’ song.

Telling the time to o’clock and half past and being able to explain why it is those times using the language…..

“I know it is ten o’clock because the hour hand is pointing to the ten and the minute hand is pointing straight up”

“It is half past five because the minute hand is pointing down and the hour hand is pointing halfway between the five and six. It is past the five.”

Common misconceptions for the children are mixing up the hour hand and the minute hand and children can also think e.g half past two is half past three as the hour hand has gone past the two and is on the way to the three.

When hearing your child read, it would be great if you could ask your child to point out any adjectives and verbs they can see and also if they could think of different words to replace these. The children are getting very good at this now!

Many thanks