Year 1 Homework

Apologies for the delay in homework on the blog. Continuing from last week, we will be learning about time in our maths lessons.

Activities and games you could play at home to practise and deepen this knowledge are:

Game 21 with the months‘ – (for two people) Take it in turns to say the months of the year in order. Each partner can choose to say one or two months. The winner is the person to say December.

Remember to go on to ‘Maths with Parents’ to play the time game.

Sing ‘Days of the week’ song and ‘Months of the year’ song.

Telling the time to o’clock and half past and being able to explain why it is those times using the language…..

“I know it is ten o’clock because the hour hand is pointing to the ten and the minute hand is pointing straight up”

“It is half past five because the minute hand is pointing down and the hour hand is pointing halfway between the five and six. It is past the five.”

Common misconceptions for the children are mixing up the hour hand and the minute hand and children can also think e.g half past two is half past three as the hour hand has gone past the two and is on the way to the three.

When hearing your child read, it would be great if you could ask your child to point out any adjectives and verbs they can see and also if they could think of different words to replace these. The children are getting very good at this now!

Many thanks