Butterfly Trip

We have had a lovely day on our trip. We spent the morning walking around the park seeing all the different animals and going round the dinosaur trail. Then in the afternoon we had our workshop in the butterfly house where we got to meet some of the animals up close and even feel them if we wanted to. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the adventure playground! The children all had a great time and did themselves proud. Special thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their day to come with us.


Japanese Workshop

We were very lucky yesterday as Professor Dobson came in to teach us a bit about Japan and their language Japanese. We learnt about traditional Japanese dress and about Japanese food. Two lucky children got to dress up! We also learnt how to count up to ten in Japanese. The children then had a go at writing some of the numbers. Ask your child if they can remember any of the numbers.


World Book Day

What a lovely day the children have had today. We started with reading to our Year 5/6 buddies and sharing our favourite books.



W also  had the brilliant poet in , David Harmer who did some really fun performance poetry.  The children loved creating a chorus together which they then performed.

We also listened to ‘The Hungry Caterpillar.’ We made butterflies and books describing the life cycle of a butterfly.  We also used paints to print pictures of caterpillars.

Finally we all looked amazing! What lovely costumes and a fantastic effort, thank you! Have a lovely weekend.

Year 1 Spellings

The spellings for this week for Year 1 are –

whatwhyveryschool and today.

It would also be great if your child can have a go at writing the days the of the week and practise learning to spell them. We will also do this in class.

Story Sacks will be kept at school over Easter so we can check and update them.

Thank you!

Last day of Science…


We really enjoyed our last day of Science Week. We made lava lamps and observed and discussed the change that happened when we added alka seltzer tablets, Jack got stuck in the castle and had to get down so we tested different parachutes! We looked at Wilfrid, Ms Mckerrow’s class tortoise and created a tortoise factfile. We enjoyed investigating what happened to  jelly beans when we added water to them. Finally we investigated magnets and had a race to see which team could get their car around the track without using their hands, just magnets! What a lovely week we have had, we are sure your children can tell you about their learning.


More exciting Science…

Again we were very lucky today to have another visitor come into our classroom. Mrs Roberts came into our school to talk about forensic science. It was fantastic, we learnt about finger printing and how the police use finger prints to catch criminals. We had a go at taking our own finger prints then we had to work out which teacher had pinched all the biscuits by identifying their finger print! Hopefully your child will be able to tell you all about it and who it was!  Thank you so much Mrs Roberts, the children really enjoyed it and we learnt lots about forensics.



We also checked on our beans and peas that we had planted and some of our roots have started sprouting. Soon we will be able to measure them.


We also had a lovely PE lesson linked to Jack and the Beanstalk that we have been reading during Science Week.



We ended our lovely day with Charlie showing us his fantastic rainforest project with super facts and pictures, thank you Charlie!


Our Science Week Visitor

We were so lucky to have Doctor Seneviratne (Sophie’s mummy)visit us today. We were taught all about how our body works and the main organs of our body.  We used a stethoscope on each other and discussed what to do if someone is hurt or unconscious. We also looked at an X-ray and discussed the body parts we could see. The children really loved it and learnt so much in this session. It was really informative and it was a great experience. Thank you so much for coming in today Doctor Seneviratne.

Science Week so far…

We have had a lovely start to science week. On Monday, we received a letter from Jack explaining that his beanstalk had been chopped down but he needed to get back up to the castle.

The children then had to use jelly beans and cocktail sticks to build a tall tower. They had to think carefully about how to get the tower to stay up. Some of the children could see different shapes in their towers. Have a look at some of our pictures.

In the afternoon we decided we were going to grow our own beanstalk. The children thought carefully about what plants need to grow. They then drew their own castles and planted the beans. We are going to be observing them over the next few weeks.

Today, we found out that the giant had captured some of our rainforest animals and frozen them so that they were trapped in ice. We had to work our the best way to set them free. We had a lot of fun trying to rescue them.