Our New skill

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning to tie shoelaces. At the same time, we are thinking deeply about what it feels like to learn a new skill and also about what helps us learn. We had another go today but this time we followed photographic instructions and the children concentrated really hard. Well done, everyone!


Year 1 Homework

Year 1 Maths Homework – Next week we will begin our fractions unit. To prepare children for this unit, can you ask them – What fractions of things can you find around the house? Could you even use some food to make fractions e.g. pizza and biscuits!

Year 1 Spellings – Can you have a go at spelling the days of the week?

Many thanks.



There will be fund raising all week next week for ‘The Good Shepherd’ charity. The School Parliament and our Liturgy Leaders have organised lots of different activities to take place all week so you should receive an email with the different events, your child can bring in a small amount of money to purchase something from a stall if they wish.   Please can this be kept in their folder in an envelope.

On the Friday 4th May, we have decided to come dressed as a Super hero or a Princess for the day to raise money . We are asking for a small voluntary contribution which will go towards ‘The Good Shepherd Fund.’

Also, as we have reached the Summer term we will begin to use the field for some of our PE lessons so the children will need plimsolls or trainers in their PE bags. Please could you name these. Our PE lessons are on a Thursday so please can all children have their PE kits in school on Thursdays.


Many thanks.




We have started a new topic science all about plants. This week we have been learning about the different parts of the plant. We learnt the words root, stem, flower, petal, leaf and pollen. We also learnt about the jobs of these different parts e.g. the leaves turn sunlight into food for the plant. The children then had a go at dissecting a plant to look at all the different parts. During choosing their learning time, the children also had the chance to use their knowledge in other areas of the classroom.

A few notices..

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter and good a good break.  Here are just a few pleas and notices for the next few weeks. Many thanks.

Our class assembly will be on Friday 11th May at 9am in our school hall.

Our role play area will be a garden centre this half term, we are just wondering if you have any unwanted artificial flowers, plant pots and  gardening related items, e.g. watering cans. Many thanks.