Year 1 Homework

Thyis week, the children will be bringing home a maths mat tonight to complete reinforcing the work we do in class. They will also be bringing home a new set of words to look through in preparation for the phonics check. Many thanks.

A Busy Day!

Today we had lots of fun! We worked together to write out what the main characters from ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’ were saying as the goats crossed the bridge. We then had really enjoyed acting out the story in our groups and watching the performances.

We also learnt about the Royal Wedding taking place tomorrow and enjoyed role playing the wedding with the castle. We  used lots of materials to create a special cake in our workshop.

We also learnt about Pentecost Day and we performed dances and played music for when the Holy Spirit was sent to Jesus’ friends. We have had a very busy day!

Letters and homework

The reception children should have brought home a letter tonight about group photos (this has also been emailed to you). Please can you return this to the office by Monday. If we do not have the written permission, your child will not be able to be included in the picture.

Receptions should have also brought home a list of sounds that they have been learning in class. They practice these daily in lessons but any additional practice at home is always useful.

Year 1 should have another set of real and alien words to go through and there should be another video on maths with parents.

Many thanks for your support.

Pictures on the blog

We are having some technical difficulties with pictures showing up on the blog and some of our previous pictures on posts have disappeared. Apologies for this. We will hopefully have it sorted soon.

Another date for the Year 1 phonics workshop

We know that there were a number of parents who were unable to attend our workshop on Monday regarding the phonics screening test your child will soon be taking. As a result, we are thinking of running another one on Monday 21st May at 9am. It would be really beneficial if you were able to attend. Please let us know either in person or via email if you are able to come. If we have enough interest then we will be able to go ahead.

Many thanks

Creating Pictures – Mosaics

Year 1 have been exploring paint programs. We have been looking at how we can select different options by clicking with the mouse to get different effects.  For example,

  • We can change the brush size by pushing the slider left and right.
  • We can select different colours on the palette.
  • We can use different shades of the same colour

First of all, we looked at mosaic designs and how there is space between the shapes. We produced our own pictures of sunshines and flowers using the mosaic tool. We also found out that on a computer we can undo our mistakes by pressing the button and guess what, paint never runs out on a computer!

Here’s some of our work:

Our Class Assembly

We would just like to say a huge well done to our class as they performed brilliantly this morning! Their singing, acting and reading was perfect. They also sat so lovely throughout the assembly so thank you children for being super stars! We would also like to thank parents and grandparents for supporting the children and helping us and providing their clothes for the assembly.

Have a lovely weekend.

Year 1 Homework

Your child will be coming home with a number worksheet and also another word list similar to last week.  We would also be grateful if you could continue to practise speed sounds with your child. Your child will also be bring home the speed sounds again but on the back will be the sounds without the pictures to help them.  Little and often is best!

There will be a Phonics Workshop at 6pm in our school hall on Monday for Year 1 parents. Many thanks again for your support.