Another busy week in Reception/Year 1…

We have had a very busy week this week. We have been learning all about primary colours and mixing colours. We have been on a nature treasure hunt, looking for colours in our natural environment.

We have also enjoyed learning about the World Cup and our class have drawn out Brazil, Egypt and Korea! So hopefully we can support more teams  during the tournament, as well as England of course!

We have also been very busy scientists investigating seeds of different fruits and vegetables. The children thought of some of their own questions like ‘What colour will the seeds be?’  They then investigated then by looking carefully and cutting them out. The children made some great observations about them.

We  have had a lovely time accessing our indoor and outdoor area. The children are loving our new role play area,  ‘The Icecream Parlour.’

The children have also enjoyed listening to the story of Elmer, weaving an Elmer the Elephant and making Emler out of playdough. Some children worked together to design and build a home for Elmer out of lego and duplo.

Here are a few photos of our busy week.