Our Royal Day

Today the children in Ms Mckerrow’s class and our class had a lovely day celebrating the end of our topic on ‘Castles.’ We all came dressed up as queens, kings, princesses, princes and knights! We learnt all about the Royal Family. We made crowns, decorated buns and made jam sandwiches which we enjoyed in our Royal Banquet!

Here are a few photos of our lovely day…


Apologies to the parents who came looking for a sign up sheet for the Advent Services, the sheet is now outside the office window.  There is also a sign up sheet for the food bank for the St. Wilfrid’s  Centre.  Just to remind you our class donations are –

Drinks e.g.

  • Squash (as in fruit cordials)
  • Sachets of hot drinks eg hot chocolate
  • Tea and coffee.

Many thanks and we hope your children enjoy our special Royal Day!

Our Advent Services

As part of our preparation in Advent we will be holding simple Advent services in our classroom at the end of the day. We would love to have you join us at 3pm.
Mrs Clack has a sign up sheet in the office for our class. Our services will be held on :-

Week 1 – Tuesday 4th December,  Thursday 6th December  and Friday 7th December.

Week 2 – Monday 10th December, Tuesday 11th December and Friday 14th December.

Week 3 – Monday 17th December, Wednesday 19th December  and Thursday 20th December.
There will be spaces for 4 parents at each slot.
Also we will be sending a prayer format home for you to write a simple prayer with your child. Please don’t panic as these should be really simple child led little prayers for us to share in our services. If you could write it down on the sheet provided and send it in as soon as you have done it that would be great. Many thanks.

Royal Day

Just to remind you that on Friday 30th November, we will be bringing our topic to a close and we would like to end with a ‘Royal Day’. Please could your child come dressed as someone from castle life e.g king, queen, knight, princess/prince, jester etc. Thank you for your support.

Homework – 23.11.18

Maths Homework – Today we have been looking at doubling and halving. We have set a video on ‘Maths with Parents’ called ‘Doubling and Halving.’ It is great to see so many children accessing the videos and completing the activities, thank you!

Spellings – the spellings for this week are – away, day, they, going and this.

Have a lovely weekend.

Science Experiments

Over the last few weeks in science we have been testing properties of different materials. We started by finding out which materials sink and float. We used this knowledge to make boats to test in our outdoor area. We have also set up a sinking and floating station in our outdoor area so the children can continue to test different objects. The following week we were testing materials to see which material would make the best bridge for the gingerbread man. This week we have been looking at materials that are waterproof. We made houses for the three little pigs, put materials on top and squirted water to see if the pigs would stay dry.

RE this week…Baptism

As part of our Belonging topic, we have been discussing how we might welcome a new baby into the family and then into the family of the church.

The children loved learning all about baptism in our lesson . They then had the opportunity to role play this during our afternoon session. They used the key vocabulary – Holy Water, Oil of Chrism, Godparents, Priest, parents, Font.

Please could you spend time with your child this weekend talking about their own baptism / christening and looking through any photographs you might have of the event. Thank you to those who have sent some photographs in.

Year 1 Homework and Library books

This week in maths the Year 1 children have started a new topic looking at numbers up to 20. We have been focusing on getting a secure understanding of numbers above 10 and understanding that these numbers can be grouped into tens and ones e.g. 14 is 10 and 4. We’ve also looked at the spelling of these numbers and how we write them. There have been a few misconceptions for example some children wrote the number fourteen as 41. We’ve looked at why this isn’t correct.

To reinforce this work, there is a new video on ‘maths with parents’ and the spellings this week are – eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

All year 1s should have come home with a new library book on Monday. The next date to change them is Monday 26th November. If any previous books could be returned on this day as well that would be brilliant.

Many thanks

RE Topic – Baptism

As part of our RE topic we are talking Baptism and belonging to God’s family. We would be grateful if you can send in a photograph of your child on their Baptism day.  Please put their name on the back. Many thanks.