This week…

The children have been very busy in Maths this week. The reception children have started work on addition and using the language – ‘part, part, whole.’ They have been counting two sets of objects (parts) to find the whole.




The Year 1 children have been busy learning all about 2D shapes, repeated patterns and they have also been using positional language, for example; left, right, above, below.


In RE, we have had a lovely collective worship based on Remembrance Day praying for all the soldiers and their families that have been effected by war. We then went on to make our own poppies ready for the special assembly. Thank you to the parents who have sent in the special prayers written at home based on Remembrance Day.



We have also started to learn about castles and the different features of castles.  The children heard a story about a dragon who came and destroyed the King’s castle, they then were given the mission to design and build another one.