Year 1 Homework and Library books

This week in maths the Year 1 children have started a new topic looking at numbers up to 20. We have been focusing on getting a secure understanding of numbers above 10 and understanding that these numbers can be grouped into tens and ones e.g. 14 is 10 and 4. We’ve also looked at the spelling of these numbers and how we write them. There have been a few misconceptions for example some children wrote the number fourteen as 41. We’ve looked at why this isn’t correct.

To reinforce this work, there is a new video on ‘maths with parents’ and the spellings this week are – eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

All year 1s should have come home with a new library book on Monday. The next date to change them is Monday 26th November. If any previous books could be returned on this day as well that would be brilliant.

Many thanks