Our Fun Map Work…

As part of our topic, we have enjoyed creating maps with keys of Millhouses Park and our dream park! We have used compass points and keys to help us with our mapping skills.

The year 1 children loved our  trip to Millhouses Park, on our way down we had to find different points of interest and identify them on our sheets. We were so proud of how smartly and sensibly the children walked to the park, especially crossing the roads. When we arrived, we mapped out the park using a key before having a play and having an ice lolly. Thank you so much to the parents who came and helped us.


During the week, we then worked as teams to make our own 3D map of the park. We are so proud of the children as they worked so well together, great team work!


In the near future, our reception children will be visiting our local woods and using their mapping skills to plan the route to our school woods.