Soccer Eds

Hi everyone, I am so sorry I have forgotten to give out the Soccer Ed letters! The sessions will take place Wednesdays after school from 3.30-4.30pm and are aimed at Reception, year 1 and Year 1 children.  The children will, go straight from class to the sessions. To register your child for this club just visit

I apolgise again.


Have a lovely break!

Our trip to White Post Farm…

Today our class and the Reception class had a lovely day at Whitepost farm. The children learnt lots about different animals and we really enjoyed being able to feed them! We saw  lots of different farm animals, reptiles, rodents and had a lovely play in the area. Thank you so much to all the parents who came with us, you were a great help. Here are some photos of the day…


We enjoyed learning abut the cycle of a chick.



Just to remind you that next Thursday is our school trip, children can come in non-uniform and suitable footwear. Please can you make sure if the weather is bad, they have waterproofs. Hopefully it will remain nice!  They can also bring a packed lunch or school will provide one.


Story sacks will not be going home next week as we need to update them over the holidays. Have a lovely weekend!

Homework – 18.3.19

This week’s spellings are tricky words beginning with the ‘wh’ sound: what, when and where. We have looked at these before but it’s still worth practising them!

There is a new video on maths with parents all about adding and subtracting 1s and 10s.

We are putting lots of effort into good letter formation in class at the moment. It would be great if the children could continue to practise this at home.

Many thanks

Our Topic Work

Today the children learnt all about emperor penguins. They learnt that they are from the Antarctica and then the children used a globe to find Antarctica.  They also learnt that emperor penguins’ bodies

and behaviour help them to survive. They went on to discuss how in extreme cold, the colony of penguins work together as a team, sharing their body heat. The children enjoyed pretending to be the penguins! Hopefully they will be able to talk about them over the weekend.


Science Week

We’ve had a lovely start to science week. On Monday we enjoyed a STEM challenge investigating marbles. We investigated how far we could get a marble at the end of the tube to travel by rolling another from the top. The children thought about what we could change to make the marble travel further. They decided we could roll bigger marbles down, a few marbles at a time and change the height of the starting point. The children then had activities around the classroom they could choose to do related to making marble runs. We had a marble run, making marble runs with duplo and making a marble run with cardboard tubes.

On Tuesday, we took a trip down to our school woods and went on a minibeast hunt. We thought about what we might find before we went down. Despite the wet conditions, we still managed to find spiders, slugs, millipedes, woodlice and worms. We also enjoyed a talk from Amelia’s mummy, Mrs Simons, who told the children all about her job as a pharmacist and read a lovely story about a girl visiting a pharmacist.

We had an exciting start to Wednesday morning when Keira’s daddy, Mr Wade, came to talk to the class about his job as an engineer. He explained what engineers do and we watched an exciting video clip of what the future might look with the help of engineers. In the afternoon we continued our work on seasonal change, looking at spring. The children thought about some of the changes we are starting to see and then had a go at careful sketches of daffodils, making lambs and adding blossom to our class tree. We are looking forward to our class trip where we will hopefully see some lambs.

Thank you so much to Mr Wade and Mrs Simons for coming to talk to the children. They really enjoyed it.

World Book Day

We had such a lovely day on Friday celebrating world book day.

First we enjoyed Year2/3’s class assembly all about World Book day. Then Dr Michael Boyle came into our class and we read his true story ‘Canary across the Mersey’ and asked some questions about the book. We were amazed that it is a true story from when Michael was a child. We then enjoyed making bookmarks and doing a scavenger hunt looking for different things in books.

Before lunch we had our costume parade in the school hall which was very exciting. All the costumes looked fantastic and Lana won the class prize for her fantastic costume and the way she went into role in the parade.

In the afternoon, we had different stations set up around the classroom based on some of our favourite books. We also enjoyed reading with the Year 3 class. The Year 3s were very kind buddies to the R/Y1 children.



Year 1 Library tomorrow

Apologies, we have not been able to go to the library for a few weeks due to the training day and then the school trip before the holidays. The Year 1s will be going to the library tomorrow. All children who bring there previous book will get chance to change it.

Just a reminder that the Year 1s go to the library every other week so after tomorrow, there next library day will be 25th March.

Many thanks.


As part of science week, we are planning on taking a trip to our school woods on Tuesday this week. Please could you provide wellies and suitable coats for this. If it is as cold as it has been this weekend, hats, gloves and jumpers may also be needed.

Please let us know if you are struggling with any of these items.

Thanks in advance.

Favourite Story

This may be too late but the children are very welcome to bring with them their favourite book tomorrow (doesn’t have to be the same as their costume). We will be buddying up to read with the Year 3 class. However, we have lots of nice books in our classroom reading corner if you don’t get chance to do this!