Welcome Back!

Welcome to our Reception /Year 1 blog. We’d like to start by saying a big well done to all the children who have come in so well this week and last. They are all settling in so well and the Receptions enjoyed their first school lunch today. Thank you so much for your support in encouraging the children to come in independently.

Just a reminder of a couple of things. PE will be on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit with them on this day.

We will go through dinners with the children each morning and help them choose but it would also be really helpful if the night before you could go through the dinners with your child and help them decide.

Please could your child bring a water bottle to school each day. They will be encouraged to have a drink throughout the day. It would also be great if you could label cardigans, jumpers, coats etc so that we can ensure they get back to your child.

Below is a list of Year 1 reading days. Some  of Tuesday’s readers have come home today but from next week it will be Tuesday. Receptions will start bringing home a reading book as soon as they start their phonic lessons in a couple of weeks. There is an information evening coming up where you will receive more information on how we teach reading.

Tuesday readers –



– Martha

– Cameron



Wednesday readers –




-Jack M



Thursday readers –