Mapping in Millhouses Park

We had a lovely trip to Millhouses Park this morning.  We walked down to the park, spotting landmarks, to get a sense of place. We then explored the park and made a map with a key. We had  a go at finding north using the compasses. It was quite a challenge! Finally, we had snack and a play in the park.

Thank you very much indeed to all our parent helpers, you were brilliant!


The children then went back to school and explained to our reception friends how we mapped the different areas of the park. They then helped all made a 3d model of their own park.  The children worked so well together as teams,  used a variety of skills to create their virtual parks.

Year 1 Trip to Millhouses Park

A letter has come home about a school trip next Wednesday at 9am for our Year 1 children. This will be related to our topic work on mapping skills.

Please make sure your child has an outdoor coat and suitable walking shoes on that day.

We would really appreciate any parent helpers. If you are able to accompany us, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you!


Library visit

We’ve had a lovely time at the library this morning. The children were brilliant walking there and back and really enjoyed sharing the different books.

Thank you so much to the parents who came to help. The children loved you reading books with them!

RE this week…

In our RE lessons this week, we have discussed how God created the earth and how he looks after  everyone and everything he has created. We also discussed how we can look after God’s precious world.

We also talked about Jesus and his family home and went on to compare our lives to Jesus’. We roleplayed being Jesus living in his family home – sleeping on a mat instead of a bed and working with Joseph as a carpenter.




Walk to the woods

As it was too wet last Tuesday, we are going to try again to go to the woods this week. Please could the children bring waterproofs and wellies in for Monday and we will try to go either Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Many thanks

Poetry Day

The children had a lovely day yesterday looking at different poetry based on the ‘Harvest Festival.’ They really enjoyed reciting poems and the Year 1s did a great job of writing a short poem.  They also really enjoyed sharing poems with Year 3 and made scarecrow cookies! Here  are a few pictures of our day…