We have updated ‘Maths with Parents.’ Reception children have just started a new unit on measures, over the next week the children will be talking about weight, capacity and length of objects. They will be using vocabulary such as; light, heavy, heavier, lighter, long, short, longer, shorter, full, half full and empty. If your child is doing anything at home in relation to capacity or weighing, for example baking, it would be great if you can encourage them to use this vocabulary.

Year 1 children will continue with numbers to 20. They will be comparing numbers using vocabulary such as greater than and less than. The children  will also be placing numbers on number lines and ordering numbers.

We will send home rhymes for letter formation and a sheet showing the correct letter formation.  Please can you encourage your child to use these rhymes when forming letters, we always start with ‘getting ready to’ before we say the rhyme, please encourage your child to begin their letter from the bottom.  Many thanks.

Year 1 Maths

The Year 1 children have had great fun learning about directions and using language related to directions. They have made tracks and used bee bots to programme in directions. Hopefully they will also be able to tell you about using a compass in our topic lesson!


Reception children – Bonfire Night

The children really loved learning about bonfire night and people who help us in our community. We focussed on the role of firefighters and medical workers.

They loved making rockets, mixing colours to make firework pictures, writing about the sounds they hear when fireworks explode and role playing different emergency services.

A few notes for the next few weeks…

On Friday the 22nd November, we are inviting you in to have a stay and play session with your child, from 2pm. It will give you the opportunity to have a look around our indoor and outdoor environment. We will end the afternoon with a song we have been learning during the week. Please do not worry if you can not make this session as we will aim to have one every term and they will not always be on a Friday.


Also on Friday the 13th December, we will be walking down to Windsor House Nursing home to sing some carols to the elderly people who live there. We would appreciate any helpers that afternoon. We will be leaving school at 1.30pm and will return for the end of the school day. Thank you!

Please keep checking the blog for notices on our Nativity production and Advent Liturgies where you will be invited to join us with the celebration.


We have added a new ‘maths with parents’ video to both the Reception and Year 1 page. We hope you have fun completing them.

We would also be grateful if you could continue to support your child with the reading  material they are bringing home. Ideally, it would be great if you could hear them read most days. Let us know how they have got on with this by writing a comment in their yellow home/school diary.

The children love listening to stories we read daily in school and it would be lovely if you had your own special story time at home where you could share books with your child (which we’re sure lots of you do).

The Reception children have made a brilliant start to their reading journey and they are really picking up the sounds we have learnt and starting to blend these sounds together to make words. The blending of sounds to make words can take a lot of practice and if you’re child needs a bit of support with this, you could play some ‘Fred Talk’ games to help. When we ‘Fred Talk’, we say the sounds individually and see if the children can hear what we are saying. At home, you might ask your child to you get their ‘b-a-g’ or ask if they want ‘j-a-m’ on their toast. If you would like further information or examples about this then please do come and see one of us.

The Year 1 children have also been doing so well with their reading. We are encouraging them to do as much ‘Fred in their head’ (which is silent blending in their head) as possible to help develop fluency. Asking your child questions about what is happening in the book will help to develop their comprehension skills too.

Thank you for your continued support with this and if there are any questions please do come and see us.