Year 1 Grandparents Afternoon

Our current topic is comparing old and new toys and thinking about what life was like for our grandparents. As the topic draws to a close we would like to invite any grandparents of Y1 children in on the afternoon of Friday 7th February (2.00pm). During the afternoon we will have different activities available and there will be an opportunity to talk about different games grandparents used to play . Please let us know if any grandparent is able to attend. This will be in the year 1 (Mrs Smith/Mrs Corcoran) classroom.

Food Bank

Denise Coleman and Jane Hindmarch  will be collecting for the St. Wilfrid’s Centre  tomorrow morning.  We ask Reception/Year 1 for donations of drinks, for example cordials, hot chocolate, coffee, tea. 

We are very grateful for your continued support.  Thank you.

Chinese New Year

The children have loved learning about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story about how the zodiac  years were named and learned that this year is the year of the rat.   We also enjoyed learning about how it is celebrated and we enjoyed making lanterns.



We tried using chopsticks too!

We have also loved riding the scooters. We are in the process of buying balance bikes too. Thank you so much for the kind donations of helmets, if anyone has anymore helmets that are spare, we would be very grateful for a few more. Thank you!



Year 1 Maths

We have just finished telling the time using o’clock and half past. We have discussed the hour and the minute hands. It would be brilliant if you can reinforce this at home whenever you get the opportunity. We have also been discussing what we do at these times, for example ‘At half past seven I go to bed.’

Reception Maths

The children have been identifying number one more and one less so if you get time over the weekend it would be great if you can read some numbers around the environment, e.g house numbers and ask them to tell you one less and one more.

Have a lovely weekend, thanks!

This week…

Our children have loved our new topic ‘Destination Outer Space!’ We began by learning all about earth, and this week we have been learning about the sun and the other planets. They have  had some great imaginative play and done some fantastic junk modelling  making rockets, space stations and telescopes. A huge thank you for sending in boxes, tubes etc, we always welcome junk materials.

Challenge: You could ask your child if they can remember any of the names of the other planets. 

The children have also loved being in the outdoor area and we would love to get them out in all weather conditions, so please could you bring your child’s wellies back into school in a plastic bag. Here are a few photos of us from this week. Have a lovely weekend!


Welcome Back!


The children have settled back into school so well and are all very excited for our new Space topic this term!  Our year 1s really enjoyed comparing the toys  we received at Christmas to the toys that grandparents would have received when they were children. Thank you Mrs Allen for sharing some of your stories from when you were a little girl!

Just a few reminders….

  • Thank you for all your comments in the reading record books, if you could continue to practice reading and writing with your child that would be much appreciated. We would suggest ‘little and often.’
  • It would be great  if you could send  in any empty boxes of different sizes or tubes for junk modelling i.e. cereal box, pringles, kitchen roll tubes.
  • I have also added new activities on ‘Maths with Parents.’


Many thanks Mrs Dalton and Miss Locke