Year 1 – this week’s spellings are – the, some, my, by, is.

Please see below for more information.

Maths with Parents – ‘More than, Less than.’ The children have been comparing numbers in our maths lessons. The video sets some good activities which reiforces their learning.

Reception – Maths with Parents – ‘Sharing Fairly.’  The children have done some fantastic sharing this week, they have been sharing objects into equal groups. The video reinforces this.

Many thanks, have a lovely weekend!


Next week…

Walk to the woods
Next week,  we will be walking down to the woods at the bottom of our sports field. We will be investigating animals that live in the woods and looking at different animal habitats. Please can you bring your child’s wellies into school or suitable footwear for the muddy woods.

World Book Day
On Thursday it is World Book Day children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book, please can your child also bring their favourite book to share with our buddies.

Story Sacks
Next week we will be collecting all story sacks so that we are able to rotate them round. Children’s reading days may also be changing to provide us with more time for daily readers in school.

Science Week
The following week beginning the 9th March is ‘Science Week’ if any parents or grandparents working within the science industry would like to come in and share their knowledge and experiences with the children this would be a fantastic opportunity. If this is something you would be interested in then please get in contact.

Year 1 Spellings

There will be a slight change to the spelling/handwriting homework this half term. From Friday we will post on the blog, spellings for the children to practise. The children can decide how they want to practise those spellings. Here are some ideas but you may want to come up with your own.
Write your spellings in bubble writing.
Write your spellings in different coloured pen.
Spelling aerobics – reach high for an ascender, touch toes for a descender and wiggle your hips for a letter that has neither. For example – ‘they’ would be reach high, reach high, wiggle, touch toes. Say the letter names as you do the actions.
Write a poem or short story using your spellings.
Write your spellings in alphabetical order.
Use a sand tray or baking tray with salt. Use your fingers or trace the spellings.
We will also be practising the same spellings in class and each Friday we will hold a sentence challenge!
We are looking forward to hearing from the children the different ways they have chosen to practise!

Happy Pancake Day!

The children have  had a lovely afternoon learning about Shrove Tuesday. We  enjoyed taking part in different activities and especially enjoyed eating the pancakes at the end of the afternoon! We also discussed Lent beginning tomorrow and what extra special  things we will be doing during Lent.


Homework Over Half Term

There are new ‘maths with parents’ videos for both Reception and Year 1 children. It has been so lovely reading the comments you write on this and seeing how much fun the children are having completing the activities! As the topics match what we are doing in class, it is a great way for you to see what your child has been doing in school as well as supporting them in areas they may find more challenging.

The children also have their weekly reading books as usual. It would be great if your child could read this book to you a number of times so that each time they read it, they are building up their fluency. A child who is reading fluently will be able to read with speed, accuracy and expression. Please don’t feel that your child has to only read their reading book. They could be helping you with the bedtime story, picking books from the library or helping you read signs when out and about. Please could you pop a note in their yellow reading diary to let us know how your child has read over the holidays.

Thanks again for your continued support.

A Lovely Half Term

We have had such a busy and exciting term. Well done to the children for all their hard work and thank you parents for your continued support. Here is a bit of a roundup of some of the things we have been up to.

Year 1 trip to Weston Park Museum

The Year 1 children had great fun investigating old toys. They looked at old and new toys in the galleries and compared them. They thought about what the toys were made of and how we can tell if they are old or new. They then had a lovely time investigating a range of toys. They had to be ‘curators’ and decide what to put in an empty display case. They came up with some great questions and ideas as well as having a lot of fun. Thank you again to the parents that came to help us on the trip.

Reception ‘Aliens Love Underpants’  

Continuing with our space topic, the reception children loved reading the book ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. They enjoyed making their own aliens and were amazing at writing a sentence about their alien.

Bedtime Story Day

The children loved coming to school in their pyjamas for bedtime story day and it was lovely to hear all about their favourite books. We enjoyed pairing up with the Year 4 class and sharing books with them. At the end of the day, the children could choose which story they wanted to hear out of a selection of stories.

Year 1 Science

The Year 1s have enjoyed joining up with the other Year Ones to learn about different animal groups. This week we were learning about reptiles.   We grouped toy animals, sorted pictures, made crocodiles and snakes, and painted turtles. We also thought of questions we could ask Zoolab.

Reception Valentine’s Day

This week, the receptions have been discussing people they love and thinking about how we show love to one another. They have loved making cards and crafts for all the special people in their lives.

Year 1 Maths

The Year 1s have been working so hard looking at numbers to 50 and place value. This week they have been working hard to see how many different ways they can represent one number. They are really starting to understand the tens and ones in two digit numbers. If you would like to support your child with this further at home, there is a maths with parents video on this.

Zoo Lab

Today, the class enjoyed a visit from Zoo Lab. The focus of our talk was around grouping different animals. It was a good chance for us to think about the words reptile and mammal again. As well as being introduced to the word amphibian and mollusc. The children had the opportunity to hold or stroke a snail, snake, rat, cockroach and a frog.

Pink Day

We have also been dressed in pink to help raise money for St Luke’s charity, thank you all so much for you kind donations it is very much appreciated. A huge well done to the winner of our class bake off Cameron who was also then judged by our special visitor as the overall KS1 winner!! Well done to everyone who entered the bake off, they all looked amazing!



We have recently ordered lots of amazing new things for the children to use in our fantastic outdoor area!

We have ordered balance bikes, scooters and small world toys. We have also got wheelbarrows and a green house.  We will also be creating a wonderful digging and planting area. We would really appreciate donations of any unwanted helmets and plant pots. Any donations are really appreciated!  We are continually trying to keep all the areas of the provision fun and exciting for the children!

We will also be asking if any parents/grandparents would like to come to help us plant some seeds over the next few weeks.  We will inform you of the dates on the blog.

We look forward to catching up with you all at parents evening next week. Have a lovely weekend!

Many thanks.

The children have loved learning about the moon this week, hopefully they will be able to tell you a little bit about Neil Armstrong! The reception children worked in teams to build a space buggy, we were very proud of their team work skills and also the end product!  Well done children! Thank you for all the junk modelling materials, we seem to have enough to keep us going for a few weeks.


We have also been discussing special people in RE. The children listened to   ‘A Visit to the Temple,’ learning about the presentation of baby Jesus. The Year 1 children also worked very well as a team to make figures of  Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Anna and Simeon. They then retold the story to their friends using their prompts.


Finally here are a few pictures of the children accessing our provision in the afternoon.