Daily update – Wednesday 25th March

Hi everyone, we  hope you are all keeping safe and well, thank goodness the sun is shining!  We also hope you’re enjoying the ideas in the videos! They are so lovely, practical and easy to set up. Here is today’s video – enjoy!

Today in my house we sang the ‘The Gruffalo Song.’   Your children will be familiar with this song as we have sung it in class many times, they might even show you some actions! We then cut  out shapes and stuck them to make a gruffalo’s face, see below. Hopefully you can see the resemblance with the Gruffalo!

image1 (10)
Here are two more  links to some songs your child might love to sing at home and join in with.  Again they will be familiar with these songs as we cover in our daily maths meetings.
Year 1s  – we have  also set a maths with parents activity today so you might want have a go at that.
Yesterday I received a lovely email from the lady who was coordinating our school trip to Ecclesall Woods, she sent me this link –
https://www.wildsheffield.com/getinvolved/nature-adventures/activity-sheets-for-children/.   There are some lovely ideas for your children to do at home – we will definitely be making the binoculars and going in a mini beast hunt (in our garden!)
We also thought it would be nice for the children to write a very simple prayer  for hope  (with an adult)  asking God to keep us all safe during this time. This can be linked to the rainbows you are painting and displaying in your windows.   If your child does write a prayer, it would be lovely to receive them and share on the blog along with some of your activities at home!
Again, the Read, Write Inc videos are amazing and they are accessible on youtube for 24 hours.
We have found that the children love being teachers too so maybe they can pretend to teach you the sounds and words from their books and the numbers they cut out from Miss Locke’s video.

Once again thank  you for being so supportive during this time. Please email us with any questions you have and photos of the lovely things your children have been doing at home and we will share these at the end of the week. In your email please let us know if you would like the photos to go on the blog, no problem if not, it would just be lovely to see your children happy!  We would also love to see photos of your children listening to stories! Your child should have brought home a reading challenge on World Book Day, there are some lovely challenges on that. We completely understand lots of you are working so please do what you can, even if it’s just reading to your child daily, this is more important than anything. We don’t want anyone feeling anxious with doing activities at home as we certainly know how challenging it can be! Thank you.

Our email address is – yearr1@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk