Welcome Back!

Hello everyone, we hope you have had a restful Easter break, what lovely weather we have had!

We will now be having a weekly timetable for both Reception and Year 1 children, these will also be emailed to you. You do not have to complete all activities, these are just suggested activities. The timetable is there to give you a few ideas and some structure to your week, again please don’t feel like you have to complete everything. There will be links to websites for the week, these will change on a weekly basis just to give your child variety.

We really look forward to receiving an email at the end of the week with photos of your home learning and playing. These can be emailed to yearr1@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk. Thank you to everyone who has checked in with us, it was lovely to hear how your child is doing a home. We do miss them all and seeing their smiley faces. Have a lovely week!

The most important thing to us is that your child is safe and happy if this means minimal work gets done that’s absolutely fine. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and children learn so much through playing so please don’t worry.

We’ll continue to update the blog weekly and look forward to seeing your pictures.

Click on the link below for your child’s weekly timetable –

Reception Week 1

Year 1 Week 1

The Year 1 Weekly Spelling challenge  is – 

Can you spot the word spelled incorrectly? Can you spell these words without checking? What creative ways can you use to learn your spellings?

Spelling challenge Summer 1 Week 1


Easter Holidays

Hello, we hope you’re all ok and enjoyed the lovely Liturgy this afternoon. The link is below if you haven’t seen it.

Since we won’t be doing daily updates during the two week Easter holidays, here are some activities that you may want to look at during this time but please have a nice, relaxing break and these are just optional activities.

Book challenge: 


Can you …

read your favourite book with your teddy?

read in your pyjamas?

read a book with an adult using silly voices?

read outside?

read with a pet?

read in an unusual place?

read in a den?

If you manage to get any photos, we would love to see you completing your challenges and upload them on to the blog towards the end of the holiday.

Year 1 topic – Explorers:
Christopher Columbus – before school closed the children had been learning about Christopher Columbus. We have set a task in the 2do section of purple mash to put together a fact file about Columbus. Please note that within the task there is an overview provided by purple mash which includes a lot more detail than we have covered with the year 1s so you might choose to skip this and go straight to the task. It is more an opportunity to see what the children can remember about this explorer.
Neil Armstrong – our next explorer  will be Neil Armstrong. Can the children find the answers to these questions?
– What did Neil Armstrong do?
– When did he do it?
– Who was with him?
– What was the name of the mission?
Can the children create their own rocket or picture about the moon landing?
Science activities – here is a useful link with some fun science activities you might want to try at home.  https://pstt.org.uk/resources/curriculum-materials/Science-Fun-at-Home
As Mrs Evans mentioned in her email, if there is something you need to ask or share urgently, you can do so by emailing Mrs Evans directly: d.evans@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk .

Here  are  some lovely photos from this week’s home learning –


We will still do some of the YouTube videos but won’t post them on the blog. This is so you don’t feel like you have to do them but those of you who still want a bit of structure over the holidays have some ideas.

Happy Easter everyone, take care and stay safe!

Day 11 video :)


As it’s the week before Easter, we thought we would do the videos a bit differently this week and just focus on some nice Easter activities you could do each day. Hope they’re helpful.

Easter Activities

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

We have sent a timetable for Week 3 to Year 1 parents, again do what you can, these are just suggestions.

Here are a few Easter activities Reception children might want to have a go at during Holy Week.  There is also a lovely activity on White Rose Maths that you might want a little go at –  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/

Holy Week activities

Draw and write an Easter card to a family member.

Read or listen to The Easter Story –


Now you might want to challenge your child to write a sentence about ‘The Easter Story’ or draw pictures to re-tell the story, this could be done over the week for the main events – The Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We would usually do this on an A4 piece of paper fold into three.

Make an Easter garden using natural resources from your garden – e.g.


Discuss the cycle of a chick to a hen.

Make an Easter bonnet – we would love to see photos of these!

Make or draw  Easter animals

Bake Easter buns/nest, children could even write down the ingredients.

Again these are just suggested activities for you and your child to have a go at.  Have a lovely week.


Palm Sunday and Easter Liturgy

Good morning everyone! We hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying the sun.

With today being Palm Sunday and marks the start of Holy Week, we are trying to co-ordinate a pre-recorded liturgy that we can share with everyone on Maundy Thursday.  If your child would like to take part (it will either be a very short reading or a picture) then please email us at  yearr1@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk and we will give you further instructions.

Please note that the video or other media that is submitted will be published online, including social media, as part of the Holy Week liturgy for St Wilfrid’s and St Thomas of Canterbury Schools.  By sharing any media, you are consenting for this to be used in this way.
It would be lovely to have our class involved!
Thank you for making the palm leaves too celebrating this special day.
Have a lovely Sunday! Mrs Dalton and Miss Locke