Home Learning this week…

Hello everyone, once again we would like to thank you for the feedback and photographs. It is so lovely to hear how your child is getting on! We hope you have a lovely, well deserved break next week and touch wood we get more sunny days! Also just to let you know the book for after the half term break will be ‘Supertato.’ Again a teacher will read this and we will put the link on the blog. Take care and have a good and safe rest. Here are this weeks photos…

And finally a huge well done to our Hot Chocolate Friday for his fantastic home learning! Well done! And Happy Birthday for last Saturday too!

Letter Formation

We received a little bit of feedback regarding letter formation so here is a little video to help your children with their writing .

We begin teaching the rhymes with a ‘getting ready to’ before each letter. This is to help children when they begin to join up their letters in KS1.

We also encourage children not to take their pencil off of the paper until they have finished writing the letter (exceptions f, i, j, k, t, x).

If there is anything else you child is struggling with or you think may be helpful, then please do get in touch.
Thank you 🙂

Monday May 18th Home Learning

Good morning parents and children, we hope you’ve had  a lovely weekend. We just want to thank you all again for the amazing videos of your children! We absolutely loved them, it was amazing seeing all of your beautiful children! A huge thank you again, we really do miss our lovely class.

Here is your child’s home learning for this week, thank you again for emailing us too, we really appreciate your feedback and lovely photos. Please again do what you can, this is here as a guide where we have carefully thought of some fun activities your child might like to do whilst learning and  playing. Take care, have a lovely week!

Reception Planning

This week’s focus is on the book ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson.

Reception Planning Week 4


Year 1 Planning

We have slightly adapted the planning this week and added a daily writing and maths activity. Please do email us with any questions or comments.

We have also carefully selected some good maths activities which have a video for your child to follow from the Oak National Academy.  Finally, this week’s wider curriculum focus is art and design.

Y1 menu of activities Summer 1 Week 4

Spelling Challenge – Can you spot the incorrect spelling?

spelling 12


Another huge thank you!

Thank you so much to our wonderful Reception children and parents for a lovely, lovely video! Wow we loved it. Again it brought tears to our eyes. It was so lovely seeing all the children with their special messages and looking so happy! So much thought went into it.  Thank you again. We miss you all too. Take care x

Year 1 maths challenge…

Good morning. Hope you are all well.

Here is an extra maths challenge the children may enjoy solving. We’d love to hear how they get on.

I am making a birthday cake and I need 20 candles. I have looked in my kitchen and I can find 8 white candles and 5 pink candles.

How many candles do I have altogether?

How many more do I need for my cake?

What’s the best way to solve this problem?


This is a good lesson on adding numbers together and some activities.






Home Learning this Week


We hope you’ve managed to have a restful weekend and enjoyed some family time.

Here are the planning guides for Reception and Year 1. As always, please just do what you can and what works for you. We love hearing how you are all getting on. Please keep the emails coming.

R timetable Summer week 3

Y1 menu of activities Summer 1 Week 3 (1)

ten frame

Year 1 Spelling activity


Have a great week and email us anytime.

Biscuit Bear story to follow.