Google Classroom

Just to inform you that Reception and Year 1 will not be accessing google classroom or google meet because the children are returning to school from the 15th June. For those children not coming into school, we will still be providing the weekly planning and interactive videos so they are still able to connect with their teachers. We will also contact the children who are not in  weekly and will be available to speak to your child. Many thanks.

Friday Photos :)

Thank you so much for all the pictures you have sent this week. We always look forward to receiving your photos throughout the week. We are glad you have enjoyed the Supertato activities and creating your own superheros and villains!

It’s also been lovely to hear how you have spent your half term, with many of you venturing out in the sunshine.

Here are some of your wonderful photos from the last couple of weeks. Please keep the photos coming.

Finally, a big well done to George who has been awarded Hot Chocolate Friday this week for his super writing on Supertato and the veggies, we especially enjoyed ‘Terrible Tomato’.

Phased Return

Just a quick update to give you a little insight into the children’s phased return. We have been busy in school setting up the classrooms and the outdoor area so that it is safe for the children, whilst remaining a fun and engaging environment.

We have adapted areas of the provision enabling children to have access to most of the areas in the classroom; including the role play area, construction area and the different outdoor areas. The structure of the school day will remain similar with maths and phonics in the morning, and a curriculum focus and continuous provision in the afternoon with children staying in their assigned bubble. We will continue to post home learning suggestions as usual for those children not in school and for the days when your child is not in school.

Whilst we will encourage children to socially distance with each other, we are very aware of the difficulties around this. We have set up the classroom to help support this as much as possible. Our main aim is to keep children happy and safe with school remaining a positive experience for everyone.

Here is also a nice video showing different ways of how the children can interact with each other and children within different bubbles which would be great to share.

Next week  we will send out a short document providing information and pictures of the new daily routine and classroom set up. It would be really beneficial to share this with your child to help them with the transition back to school so they know what to expect.

In the meantime, if you can just keep reminding your child to wash their hands regularly before meals, after playing etc. This would really help to prepare them as this will be crucial when they are back in school.

Again thank you for being so supportive and positive with everything.

Take care, Mrs Dalton and Miss Locke


Hi everyone,

Just a little reminder that we’d love to see what you have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Hope you are all well.

Reception children’s RE this week…

Here is a story read by Miss Oliver to begin our new topic.

The children can discuss the following questions with an adult…

What did Jesus and his friends do?

Where did they go and were they tired?

What did they do together?

When do you go when you are tired?

Who do you like to talk to?

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone, we hope you have had a lovely week off and managed to enjoy this amazing sunny weather! Here are the planning guides for this week with links to videos. Again as we always say, please only use it as a guide.

Have a lovely week and we look forward to hearing about how your child is getting on. Take care.

Reception Week 1

Y1 menu of activities Summer 2 Week 1 (2)

Can you spot the word spelled incorrectly? Can you spell these words correctly without checking? What creative ways can you use to learn your spellings?

Spelling challenge Summer 2 Week 1