Reception Reading at Home

This week your child will be bringing home a reading booklet and a reading record book. Your child will be assigned a ‘reading day’, please return the booklet and reading book on that day and we will assign new pages. On this day we will also read with your child in school. Please only stick to the assigned pages as this will be given inline with teaching in school and an appropriate progress for your child.

The reading record book can be used for any short feedback; how their practice is going at home, any other books they have read etc. You can also use this for any other general questions or concerns which would normally be asked at pick up and drop off, it is a good form of communication between home and school.

Here is a short video explaining the booklet. We apologise that you haven’t received the more detailed phonics presentation yet we are still working on a way to get that out to you. 

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions please do ask.

Maths with Parents

We will soon be posting videos and linked fun maths activities for children to do at home on the website Maths with Parents. The activities will help your child practise the maths we do in class. A letter will be emailed home tomorrow giving you details of how to sign up to Maths with Parents.

Reception parents – there is no rush as we won’t be posting videos yet, we will inform you on the blog when we set a video and a task.

Year 1 parents – we will set a video this week, please contact us if you have any problems signing up.

Please note that our class name on Maths with Parents is Robin. Thank you again for your support.

This week…

We have had another lovely week. The reception children have started their phonics and are doing a brilliant job! We have also been talking about our families and we enjoyed having a little disco on Thursday. You will see that your child has brought home a drawing showing who they would invite to their disco. The Year 1s have been learning all about their body parts in science and we have all been learning about the seasonal change into Autumn. We have also loved sharing our memory boxes so thank you for making them.

We apologise about the Phonics PowerPoint but we will be sending this out very soon. This is a very detailed presentation on how we teach the phonics and it will support you with everything you need to know about supporting your child at home. Do always email or telephone with questions.

Here are a few pictures of our learning and play. Have a lovely weekend!

Lovely Week

We have had another lovely week at school. A really big well done to the Reception children who have completed their first full week at school. We hope they are not too tired tonight! They have come into school brilliantly and are settling in really well.

Here are a few pictures from the week. Unfortunately, not all pictures would upload but we shall try to add more next week.


The children have really been enjoying using different equipment at playtime on the playground. This week it is our turn to have the hoops and the children have had so much fun with them.


The children had such a lovely time in PE this week. We started the session by playing some games to get us warmed up. We then had a go at balancing the bean bags on different body parts, some of them even mastered moving whist balancing the bean bag. They then practiced throwing the bean bag into hoops. Finally, we ended with a team game.

Fred the Frog

The Reception children met Fred the frog this morning who only talks in sounds e.g. d-o-g or h-or-se. They had a go at guessing what Fred was saying.

You might like to try this at home with your child. For example, you might ask them to get their c-oa-t or find their b-a-g. Being able to hear these individual sounds in words is one of the first stages in learning to read so we do lots of ‘Fred Talk’ at school.

The Year 1’s continue to work hard in their phonics sessions. They all have their set reading days now. Let us know how they get on in their yellow reading record.

Read Write Inc.: Fred the Frog - Toy (READ WRITE INC PHONICS): Miskin, Ruth: 9780199116546: Books

What a fantastic start!

The Reception children have settled in so well! We are so proud of them, they have come in to school amazingly everyday leaving mummies and daddies at the school gate so thank you parents for all your support and encouragement. The children have played lovely together and hopefully will want to come back on Monday for their first full day!

The Year 1 children have been amazing too! They have set a brilliant example for the Reception children to follow. Today we have started our geography topic and the children loved walking around our school grounds mapping out the main features. Have a lovely weekend everyone and we think you might have a tired child tonight! Take care.

Reception New Starters…

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for attending the ‘nearly there clubs,’ I hope your child enjoyed getting know their new classroom environment and making some new friends. It was lovely to meet you all!

Just a reminders for tomorrow.

The children need to come to school in their school uniform, we will be waiting at the main gate ready to greet the children.

Please can children bring a water bottle and a healthy snack to school this week. Fruit will be provided for the children as a snack from next week.

Children can bring in their ‘shoe boxes’ containing a few small items and some photos tomorrow. Please do not worry if you haven’t started making them yet, this could be a project for you and your child over the weekend.

I hope all of the children are looking forward to starting school! We cannot wait to see you all!