This week’s fun…

We have had a lovely week this week at school. On Thursday we enjoyed learning about the Harvest Festival and pretending to be farmers! We had a collective worship thanking God for everything. The Year 1 children also wrote a special thank you prayer to God. We also enjoyed learning about why farmers use scarecrows and we especially enjoyed decorating our very own scarecrow biscuit! Thank you for coming so brightly dressed up!

We also enjoyed taking part in Halloween activities and listening to lots of books about Halloween. We particularly enjoyed listening to Pumpkin Soup, Winne the Witch and Christopher Pumpkin. We made potions, enjoyed hammering some tees into pumpkins to make our fingers stronger, picking up pretend spiders with tweezers, making scary words and counting Halloween objects.

Number Bonds – Year 1

We have been busy exploring number bonds to 10 in class (for example 0 + 10 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10, etc). We will be practising quick recall of these number facts regularly in the coming weeks and months. It would be great if you could practise these with your children at home too. One way to develop quick recall of number facts is to play numbots. All children have a username and password for this and you can find it at If you would like a reminder of your child’s login details, just send us an email.

Many thanks for your support.

Google Classroom for Year 1

We are using Google Classroom with Mrs Smith and Mrs Corcoran to provide learning for any children who are self-isolating in Year 1. We would like to get everyone set up and registered on the Year 1 Google Classroom now, so that if your child does at any point have to self-isolate, we can then immediately start providing learning for them at home. We will send you your child’s username and password by email in the next few days. Please log in to Google Classroom and ‘accept/join’ the Y1 classroom when you get that email.

Please note that the work on the Year 1 Google Classroom is not homework. If your child is in school, your child does not need to do the work on Google Classroom.

For reception children self-isolating, we will email you suggested videos and activities to do at home. Please do email us to let us know that your child is self-isolating.

Thank you for your support.

Thursday and Friday

Thursday – Just a reminder that tomorrow we are inviting the children to ‘wear something bright’ for CAFOD day to celebrate the Harvest festival. You can donate to CAFOD on parent pay. 
Friday will be a normal uniform day in school. Many thanks.

Year 1 Notice

We have added another ‘Maths with Parents’ video – ‘Number Bonds that equal 10.’ Thank you to everyopne who has logged on and completed last week’s activities.

Our spellings for this week for your child to practise at home are:

today, the, to, do, are.

If you have time, it would be great for your child to practise these using felt tips, pencil crayons, chalks etc as we are just focussing on letter formation over the next few weeks. Many thanks.

Reception – Maths with Parents

You would have received an email today telling you about ‘Maths with Parents.’ This is a good website that reinforces the maths work we do in class and we will always inform you if we have set a video on our blog. After watching the videos, there are some fun activities you can do with your child.

Please note that our class name on Maths with Parents is Robin. 

We have set a maths activity on ‘Maths with Parents’ reinforcing our lessons on patterns.

Please do contact us if you are having trouble setting it up, thank you!

St Wilfrid’s Day

A little reminder that tomorrow in school we will be showing our support for the St Wilfrid’s Centre on St Wilfrid’s Day, Monday 12th October.

Throughout lockdown, St Wilfrid’s Centre continued to provide support to a large number of vulnerable adults in the community and as a school we would like to show our support for this fantastic centre.

At school, each class will be completing a sponsored event to raise funds. In Reception and Reception/ Year 1, we have decided to do a sponsored draw and colour. We will be using large rolls of paper and will aim to fill them with lots and lots of beautiful drawing and colourings by the end of the day. If you wish to make a donation to support this, you can do this via parent pay. The item will be called ‘St Wilfrid’s Centre fund raising day’. The St Wilfrid’s Centre will be extremely grateful for any donation you can make.

We will try to add some pictures at the end of the day :)

Hello Yellow Day

This Friday we are celebrating World Mental Health Day. The theme is #helloyellow. Everyone is invited to come to school wearing an item of yellow clothing with non-uniform. We will be spending the day thinking about mental health and strategies we can use to help ourselves when we find things difficult. 

Year 1 Homework

We have set a maths activity on ‘Maths with Parents.’

Please do contact us if you are having trouble setting it up.

Spellings – this week’s spellings are- said, says, were, was. Please can your child have a go at practising their spellings, this could be in a fun way, for example using felt tips, chalks.

From next week (starting 14th October), Year 1s will be making models of playground equipment (swings, slides, etc) in Design and Technology lessons with Mrs Glossop. We would be very grateful for any donations of cardboard, plastic tubs, cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, etc, to help us make our models. We will quarantine anything brought in from home before using it so that we know it is safe to use.

Thank you for your support.

Poetry Day

Yesterday was poetry day. We had a lovely day listening to poems related to Autumn and singing Autumn songs. We learnt about our five senses and went on a little walk discussing what we could smell, hear, see and touch and then our Year 1 children wrote some lovely Autumn poems. Here are a few pictures of our day…