St Wilfrid’s Day

A little reminder that tomorrow in school we will be showing our support for the St Wilfrid’s Centre on St Wilfrid’s Day, Monday 12th October.

Throughout lockdown, St Wilfrid’s Centre continued to provide support to a large number of vulnerable adults in the community and as a school we would like to show our support for this fantastic centre.

At school, each class will be completing a sponsored event to raise funds. In Reception and Reception/ Year 1, we have decided to do a sponsored draw and colour. We will be using large rolls of paper and will aim to fill them with lots and lots of beautiful drawing and colourings by the end of the day. If you wish to make a donation to support this, you can do this via parent pay. The item will be called ‘St Wilfrid’s Centre fund raising day’. The St Wilfrid’s Centre will be extremely grateful for any donation you can make.

We will try to add some pictures at the end of the day :)