For children at home…

Good morning Reception,

We hope you have had a lovely restful weekend. Please find attached this weeks home learning suggestions. Thank you for all of the fantastic work last week! If you have any questions please do ask.reception-week-2-1DOWNLOAD

Just a little reminder, please can you prepare your child’s Nativity costume and bring it to school on Thursday as we will be having a dress rehearsal on Friday. We are filming the nativity on Tuesday so it gives us over the weekend to sort any costumes/accessories if necessary. Many thanks!

We hope you enjoy todays story Where the wild things are, read by our student teacher Mr Holmes


Home Learning this week…

Thank you so much to all the fantastic children at home for taking part in our story time zoom. We really hope you enjoyed it! We hope you are finding the suggestions to do at home helpful and we really hope it is easy to manage. Again please, please do not worry if you are unable to do the activities, we understand how hard it is juggling everything.

Here are some lovely photos of your children at home and some of the children at school saying hi! We have really missed the children and can’t wait to have them back. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Nativity Songs

Hi everyone, thank you for the costumes that have come in already and for practising the lines at home! We are just adding our class songs to the blog, if your child wants to, it would be amazing if they can practice them at home, especially the children who are isolating. The children are familiar with the songs. Thank you again for your support!


As part of the Year 1 topic on animals, the children have been learning about reptiles and birds this week. The children sorted different animals, made eggs for the reptiles, created their own reptiles and made their own birds.

Can your child tell you what a reptile is?

What features do all birds have?

Home Learning

Hi to all those at home, we hope you are keeping well. We do miss you!

We have just sent an email with a zoom link for story time tomorrow at 1pm and we have also attached a maths meeting to the email that we regularly do in class. We hope that you can just just play the meeting to your child so you can get on with things at home! Many thanks and thank you for the lovely photos that have been emailed too! Take care.

Home Learning for Children Isolating

Please find attached some ideas for home learning this week for those Reception children that are having to isolate. We will miss the children very much and we are hoping that we can do some live zoom sessions with the rest of the class so that we can all be together. We will send out further details about this at the beginning of next week.

Please just do what you can at home. We understand that for lots of you, you will be juggling both work and home school.

We’ve provided a range of activities that you can choose from. Twinkl also have some fantastic resources which the children can get on with independently if their is something particularly that your child is interested in.

The EYFS team will take it in turns to read a story which we will upload to the blog, story time is one of our favourite parts of the day!

If you would like to send any pictures of your home learning then we can include them with pictures of what we’ve been up to at school. It would be lovely for the children to share and see what everyone else has been doing.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your support.


We have started practising for our Nativity. All Reception and Key stage 1 children will take part in the Nativity and it will be filmed, we will be performing a scene in our class bubble. Hopefully you have received an email asking for permission for your child to be filmed.

Your child might have come home with some lines today, we would be very grateful if they could rehearse these lines. We have also sent a slip home to every child asking for specific clothes apart from the children who have the part of Mary, Joseph or Stella the Star as they will be provided with a costume. Also please email us with any questions or if you are struggling to find clothes for the costumes.

Thank you again for your support.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week and we’ve been looking at the story ‘Monty the Manatee’. In the story some of the other sea creatures aren’t very kind to Monty but he’s the hero by the end of the story! We talked about what it means to be kind and the children came up with ways they can be kind in school. Then each child made a picture for their partner they sit with on the carpet. It was so lovely seeing the children being so thoughtful with their pictures and we are so lucky to have such a kind group of children.

We’ve also added a couple of pictures of outdoor area where the children have enjoyed making ‘numicon city’ this week.