Maths with Parents

We have released two new videos today. Reception have been focusing on measuring this week, especially on capacity using star words, empty, full, half full. Year 1s have been really focusing on numbers to 20, they have been comparing them and positioning them on a number line. We hope you enjoy the videos and activities.

More photos of our learning this week…

The children have had a lovely week continuing to learn about Diwali. Hopefully they will be able to share some of things the have learnt!

In our RE lessons and as part of our topic ‘Let’s celebrate,’ the children have also learnt about Baptism. The children role played the ceremony and we discussed the special people who are there when someone is baptised. We also discussed that the person being baptised is welcomed into God’s special family. Again it would be great if you can discuss what your child has learnt about this.

Here are some more photos of the children taking part in some of our activities.

Reception Reading

Here are some videos that you and your child might find useful to practice. We have included a range of sounds but suggest you focus on the first ones your child finds difficult from their sounds booklet. For example, if they are unsure of the sound ‘c’ practice this one before you would do ‘y’. Please don’t feel you must look at all the videos. The links expire after week. Any questions, please email.








We have started to learn all about Diwali this week and have focused on the preparations for Diwali. We have looked at Rangoli patterns, Diya lamps, Mehndi patterns for your hands and special gifts that are bought.

We have started to make out own Diya lamps and will decorate them later this week. The children have also absolutely loved making Rangoli patterns outside with the powder paints. Apologies for some slightly painty uniforms!


This week is the Sheffield Skipathon and we have been getting our skipping ropes out and having a go! Here we are in action.

The children are still learning how to skip but we were really proud of how they all gave it a try and lots of them had success!

This week…

We have started our new topic ‘Let’s celebrate!’ this week. We have started of with bonfire night and discussed what emergency services might be called this week and what jobs what we would like to do when we are older. The children loved playing in our fire station! We have been talking about bonfire night and really trying to widen our vocabulary to describe the fireworks. Again we discussed our five senses, we described what we might smell, see, hear, taste and touch on bonfire night. Hopefully your child might be able to use some of the fantastic words we came up with whilst looking at some fire works over the weekend!

We have also talked about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. Here are a few photos of our week. Have a lovely weekend!

Maths with Parents

We have added videos on for both Reception and Year 1. Year 1s have been focusing on 2D and 3D shape this week so if your child can do some shape spotting around the house, that would be great! We have also been talking about the properties of shape.

Reception are moving on to one more and one less, the videos will support this.

Also if Year 1 parents can log on to google classroom that would be great as we will be using this to upload work and videos if a child has to isolate. Thank you!

Reception Reading


We hope that you have had a restful week and managed to enjoy some family time.

The links below take you to some of the most recent sounds we have been learning in class. Your child could watch these videos and practice saying the sounds we have been learning just like we do in class. The videos may also be helpful as a reference for yourself on how we teach the sounds in school.

Please note that the links only last one week before they expire. We will add new videos every couple of weeks.

We hope you find them helpful.