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We hope you have had a restful weekend and are starting to feel festive (despite the restrictions!).

As we would have been in school today and tomorrow, we are uploading some videos that your children might like to try. We also provided a festive activity pack on Friday that your child might like to start working through. Please don’t worry if your child wasn’t there on the Friday as we will provide some activities below.

The last few days of term usually involve the children getting to watch the KS1 and KS2 nativity which we hope to upload as soon as they are ready in the next couple of days. On top of this, we have also put together a virtual carol service which we can’t wait for you to watch. The children look so sweet and all tried so hard.

Reception Reading Videos

The first videos are the sounds sh, ng, nk, ch, th and qu and are what we call special friends in school (2 or more letters that make one sound). These are generally the ones the children find the trickiest so it would be good to recap them. The children also have booklet 1 and 2 to practice all their sounds and it would be worth working through these to check that they are confident with all the others.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/kY6SpzK2/W55zohjF sh

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/EAU8TnHA/Y3gGoAx7 ng

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/KfNcN5vU/NRj4FpYk nk

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/ElPU4tEj/VGI3V0td ch

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/wAMpqnfv/9zqG8cpu th

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/L0C8K2ws/9Wqkrc5K qu

Below are some links to word reading videos.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/6JCS5mU6/JvBxIH6l 1.2

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/k2asYL89/9zNV6aTh 1.3

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/1uIvCjZe/E6boi1S7 1.4

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/1uIvCjZe/E6boi1S7 1.5

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/5h4IZhkd/FMQzoJsh 1.6

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/0BKxq0j6/AQJqP6Ig 1.7

If you’re child is struggling to read the words for example saying m – a – t and then saying frog then there are some videos below that will help them with this skill.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/ShHlmlAi/LMYW5yIl 3

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/jzAysWpU/R6EBnsON 4

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/XvmgNe47/e62gW7Ix 5

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/cl7oTMam/rJG8WNMc 6

Finally, here are some tricky red words videos

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/vZkSdr33/Jq1X6GqG 1

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/QVTida9Q/t0K95BYd 2

We’ve provided a lot of videos so that you have a range to choose from. We do not expect you to use them all. Also, if you would be prefer to focus on the reading booklets that your child has brought home instead that’s absolutely fine.

Year 1 Reading Videos

We are including a mixture of set 2 and set 3 sounds that your child could watch and join in with. Please don’t feel like you have to do all the videos. Your child also has their reading books and the ‘speedy green words’ we sent out a couple of weeks ago.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/edNvQjG0/b8EoQOer air

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/EWubbHiJ/ac5SKdtV ir

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/nt4JxhR7/P1o4Y5Zj ou

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/xfqgXQN4/dn5f8UiW oy

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/yl2vGEjH/et7WXZ5g ea

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/qHfADe9p/CT86y6uV oi

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/FJAnjUA4/Uoscy03G a-e

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/r87mYOBy/6296iQi6 i-e

Below are some red tricky word videos




Here is the video on how to use the speedy green words we sent home a few weeks ago.

We will also add a new maths with parents video for both Reception and Year 1.

Please don’t feel like you need to complete all the activities. We are providing a range of things so that you have different options.

Any questions, please give us an email and we will be on hand over the next couple of days.

Wishing you a restful holiday and that you and your family stay healthy over this time.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

We would just like to say a huge thank you for our lovely gifts, cards and wishes, you have all been so kind and we really do appreciate your continued support during these times so thank you. We have had a lovely term with your children, they are amazing. We hope you and your children have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. Take care and all the best.

Christmas Week…

Yesterday the children absolutely loved their Christmas party! Thank you so much to our wonderful PTA who organised it, especially as the children can’t do much at the moment, it was just lovely to see them having so much fun. Both of us couldn’t believe how amazingly the children behaved for the Christmas party and they all really enjoyed the games and took part so lovely, they were a credit to you . Here are some photographs for you to enjoy, they are of the Christmas party, our Christmas dinner, the panto and some activities they took part in during the week. Have a lovely evening.

Last reminders…

Children are invited to wear non uniform on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will have Christmas dinner. Children will have a choice of roast chicken and gravy or quorn roast & gravy. Please note there will be no jacket potato or sandwich option available. In the afternoon we will have our class party, there will be no PE tomorrow. Party snacks will be provided to the children.

On Thursday afternoon the children will have an opportunity to watch an online panto performance.

A huge thank you for all the donations for the St Wilfrids Centre. We are still collecting this week in case  if you haven’t had a chance to send anything in and wanted to do so.

Thank You!

Santa Dash and Christmas Jumper Day

This Friday (11th December) is Save the Children Christmas jumper day.
The children will be taking part in a Santa Dash around the school grounds and are invited to wear a Christmas jumper with their school uniform and trainers. We would be grateful for donations to Save the Children via Parentpay.

Wednesday 9th December – Scoot Fit

On Wednesday 9th December tour class will have an opportunity to take part in a Scoot fit session. The children in KS2 have already taken part in this activity and really enjoyed it, it’s like a disco on wheels! Scoot fit will provide the scooters and helmets. The activity will take place outside so you might want to send in gloves. Children with long hair will need to have their hair tied back low so that the helmet can be worn comfortably. Thank you!


Just to remind you all that our Nativity will be filmed on Tuesday. Thank you so much for helping uyour child learn their lines (if they had them) and for providing costumes. If you have any questions, please do email.

We have also set some ‘Maths with Parent’s’ videos for you to have a go at but we understand it’s a busy time of the year so no pressure!


From this week we will be starting to collect items for the St Wilfrids Centre. We will be collecting items over the next 3 weeks and will take up to the St Wilfrids centre in the new year. If you would like to make a donation, suggested items are listed below.

Tins of casseroles, potatoes, vegetables or fruit.

Sweets, chocolates (wrapped), biscuits.

Puzzle books, crosswords, mindfulness colouring books.

Felt tip pens, colouring pencils.

Stationery, notebooks.

Luxury toiletries, handcream, bar soaps.

Thank you