This week…

Hello everyone,
As from tomorrow, most of the children from our class will be accessing home learning which is on our google classroom.  On google classroom we provide personalised learning activities for the children for Maths and Phonics, as well as Topic activities. 

If you haven’t activated your account yet, please do this when you can.  You will have received an email at the beginning of January containing your child’s log in details to be able to do this. Please make sure you are signed out of all other google accounts before logging your child in. 

When completing activities please press ‘hand in’, you can also upload pictures of your child’s learning so we can then feedback and monitor all work completed. 

You will be able to find a suggested time table and Zoom links for the class check-ins and the links are under classwork. We will continue with all check-in’s and assemblies like we have been doing previously.

Once again we would like to say a huge thank you for your continued support at these difficult times. We completely understand that everyone has different circumstances and  home pressures. Please just do what you can when you can. 

We hope you all stay safe and well at home.
Many thanks.🙂

A few notices…

First of all apologies that we didn’t get the zoom working properly this afternoon. We hadn’t realised that our audio was off until we were half way through the story. We will try to make sure this is working for tomorrow morning’s check in.

Snack for break time is not being delivered at the moment so please could you send a healthy snack for the children to have.

With different children being in school different days, please could the children bring their reading books/records to school everyday. We will try to ensure that everyone has their book changed each week but it may be on a different day to their usual day.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Unfortunately, we are not currently receiving any fruit deliveries to school. If your child would like a snack at playtime could you please put some fruit or other healthy snack into their bag.

Thank you.

Just a few reminders…

Hello everyone, hope you have a good weekend.

On google classroom we will be scheduling the days work for your child to access, you will find these in the classwork tab. Each day there will be a phonics, maths and wider curriculum activity. These will be a mixture of pre recorded sessions by the Reception class teachers and videos from other educational sources which we use in school ie. Read Write Inc. These learning activities will be mirrored in school ensuring all children in school or at home have the opportunity to access the same learning experiences. Please don’t worry if you don’t complete all of the activities, we completely understand that you are trying to juggle lots at home. 
If you could please upload a few pictures of your child’s learning each week onto google classroom then we can monitor child’s progress and provide feedback and praise for the children. If you have any questions regarding the activities please you can leave these on google classroom, we can monitor this throughout the day at school. 

Check ins will begin on Tuesday, more information to follow. We hope you will be able to join us but we completely understand if it difficult, we can check in with you in different ways. Please keep an eye on the google classroom for the zoom link or additional information.

We will continue to send home reading books and assign pages to your child’s reading booklets for those children in school. For those children not in school, please email us and you can arrange to pick them up from the school gate at a quiet time. It will be nice to see you too! 

Finally, please remember that we are here to support you and your children at this extremely difficult time. Please do get in contact if you need any extra support or if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you to everyone again for your continued support and cooperation.

You might want to send an extra jumper in with your child if they are in school as we do leave doors and windows open during the day for ventilation. They seem to be coping but it is very cold, bless them!

Reception Home Learning

This term’s topic is ‘It’s Freezing!’ We will basing our wider curriculum on this topic. Here are some suggested activities for this and then next week we will be hoping to move on to Google Classrooms. We are waiting to see how many children will be in school to help us with organise the distance learning for next week, please bear with us.

Read, Wite, Inc

Here are some videos linked to Read, Wite, Inc which follows the same format that we use in school.


We have updated maths with parents with new videos

Your child might want to order the numbers and find one less and one more. Challenge – parent can make number cards 11-20 and can children recognise and order these.

Choose two number cards at random, ask which is the higher/lower number. Check by counting to see
which number comes first. Choose another number card. Who has the higher number and has won?

Suggested activities for topic

PE – Go for a winter walk, play in the garden, go out on your scooter

Topic – Draw a Winter scene, what can you see? Snowman, Snow flakes, Winter tree – if you have materials create a collage. e.g. cotton wool, glitter then you could add this to the picture.

RE- Can you draw a special person in your life and say why they are special to you, e.g. my grandma is special to me because she is very kind and caring.


Just a quick note..

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to you all! Not quite the start to the term we had anticipated!

You should have received today an email with regards to sending your child to school if you are a key worker or if your child falls into the vulnerable category.

We are hoping to get Google Classroom up and running for Reception by next week. For now we will be using the blog to communicate any home learning.

Please can all our Year 1 parents sign up to the Year 1 Google Classroom if you haven’t already, you would have received an email earlier in the year with your log in details. Thank you to those who have signed up, we hope you will find it useful. Please make sure you are signed out of every other google account when logging in