Last Week

Last week was another wonderful week in school, despite those thunderstorms!

The children have been working really hard in Maths with Year 1 focusing on place value, and our reception children looking at number bonds to 8.

We enjoyed another session with the library trolley and I was impressed with how the children were recommending books to not just each other but to the adults in class too!

Wednesday afternoon we had some glorious sunshine and the class created a giant class sandcastle with a moat, flags, windows and bridges. I was super impressed with their team work!

On Thursday the children learned about Canada and the animals that live their as they move across the world on our pirate ships! The year 1 children learned all about the Rainhill Speed Trials of 1829 and they can hopefully tell you abit about it!

Enjoy some photos of our week!

Thanks for your support

Miss Locke, Mrs Dalton, Miss Chambers and Miss Riches