Pirate Day

Both the children and the staff have had a brilliant time at our pirate day today!

We started the day by saying Ahoy to our friends and teachers during the register and spoke about swashbuckling sword fights.

The children found an ‘SOS’ note left behind by Captain Cook, explaining the pirates had stolen his ship The Endeavor. The children followed the chocolate coin treasure the pirates had dropped to find the ship and save the Captain!

We then enjoyed some swashbuckling with our friends and the teachers! The Miss Riches showed us all how to make pirate telescopes so we could make our own to help us act out our story, ‘Shark in the Park’ in the afternoon!

In the afternoon we made our own pirate masks with bottle cap eye patches and had a pirate party on the pirate ship!

We have had such a great day, here are some photos we have taken for you to enjoy and talk about with your children.

Thank you for your support

Miss Riches, Miss Locke, Mrs Dalton, and Miss Chambers