The last week…

Here is the planning for the last week. We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you for all your support during this very weird time! You have all been amazing and the feedback we have received has been lovely! Here is the last week’s planning but please remember during the last week of term we do have lots of fun and games at school! This is just a little guide so please enjoy this sunshine. Have a lovely week and thank you again.

Reception Planning 13th July

Y1 menu of activities Summer 2 Week 7 13.7.20spellings

Have a go at the Y1 spelling challenge. This week all the words are incorrect! Can you fix them?

Elephants this week…

We have had an absolutely lovely;y couple of days. We have listened to the story ‘Ruby’s Worries ‘and talked about what we would do if we had a worry and how important it is to talk about a worry. We  then  wrote to Ruby giving her advise about how what she could do to help her deal with her worry.

In RE, we talked about God’s beautiful world and listened to ‘The Creation Story.’  We went on to make  our own worlds. We have had a lovely week!


Hello lions group. Sorry there were no photos this week, I was having technical trouble again but I think I’ve figured out the problem and should be able to upload some next week.

The children were brilliant again! We had fun making treasure maps and our own pirates. We also read a lovely book called ‘The Worrysaurus’ which is a beautiful book about a worrying dinosaur. To help with his worrying, he has a happiness tin full of all things that make him happy. As a group, each child drew and wrote some things that make them happy and we created a class happiness jar.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend.