Food Bank

There will be another food-bank collection tomorrow. Thank you so much for all of your contributions so far. We would be very grateful if you have any more donations, our class has been to asked to collect drinks. For example, squash, sachets of hot drinks, tea, coffee. Thank you again  for your support.

Year 1 Homework

Well done to everyone who is completing their Spelling Activity Book! Please can you do the next page of your book for next week.

We have been looking at numbers 50 to 100.  We have been representing the numbers in tens and ones. A  Maths with Parents video (2 digit place value) has been set to consolidate the children’s learning. Many thanks.


We have started our plants topic and the children have already done many exciting things finding out and investigating plants. We have planted our sunflower seeds and we are keeping a Sunflower diary to observe how they grow.


We have learned all about the different parts of plants and we are investigating stems by doing a colour changing flower experiment. Will the food dye in the water change the colour of the petals?

We have also had great fun making flower models, showing the roots, stem, leaves and petals.

The children loved making flower pictures using tulips. They even labelled the parts.

Friday 24th May

Just to inform you that on Friday 24th may will be our class assembly in the school hall at 9am. You are very welcome to come and watch your child in the assembly. It should last for about half an hour, more information to follow.


Also there will be an opportunity for you to pop in to our classroom to look at your child’s lovely topic and art work and also have a tour around our outdoor area. This will be from 2.30pm on Friday 24th May.

Year 1 Homework

There is a new video on maths with parents about length. The children have been busy measuring things around the classroom using non-standard units (paperclips, cubes) and standard measures (metre sticks). We hope you have fun measuring at home.

This week we are doing the next page of their booklet It’s great to see how many children have been completing their spellings. Thank you!

Outside Area

We are currently in the process of changing some of the areas and topics in our outside area. As part of this we would really appreciate it if you were able to donate any old/ unused items from the following list –

  • beach towels
  • sun hats
  • empty sun cream bottles
  • beach accessories such as beach balls
  • sunglasses
  • deck chairs
  •  beach bag
  • old car tyres
  • any kind of hat
  • scarves