Sports Day – Thursday 28th June – Morning

Just to let you know our sports day is on Thursday 28th June and will take place all morning until  lunchtime on our school field. Please can your child have their PE kit in school for Thursday and water bottle. Many thanks.


Our Workshop Area…

If you have any empty cereal boxes, egg boxes, kitchen roll tubes, milk top lids, etc, we would really appreciate it if you could send them in with your child . We always need junk materials for our workshop area, many thanks!

Mixing Colours and More!

As part of our ongoing art topic, the children have been exploring mixing colours. They had an exciting challenge of mixing the water which had the primary colours red, yellow and blue in. The children had lots of fun as well learning how to make lots of new colours – ‘I’ve made peach’  ‘I’ve made dark blue’  ‘I’m going to make mine a lighter green’

Another challenge the children have enjoyed this week is making a marble run/ maze out of the duplo and lego. They had to think really carefully about where to put each of the pieces so that there was a clear route down.

Other activities the children have done this week include drawing and painting the inside of fruit looking really carefully to find the seeds, putting the correct money in  piggy banks, using our ice cream parlor and building towers in 2s on our fine motor table.


Meet our new class members!

We would like to thank Marc’s mum for providing us with our new class pets. We are now proud owners of some African snails! They are tiny at the moment but we are  hoping they will grow lots, some could be as big as our palms! Today we enjoyed cleaning them out and feeding them. We yet have to name them all!

Another busy week in Reception/Year 1…

We have had a very busy week this week. We have been learning all about primary colours and mixing colours. We have been on a nature treasure hunt, looking for colours in our natural environment.

We have also enjoyed learning about the World Cup and our class have drawn out Brazil, Egypt and Korea! So hopefully we can support more teams  during the tournament, as well as England of course!

We have also been very busy scientists investigating seeds of different fruits and vegetables. The children thought of some of their own questions like ‘What colour will the seeds be?’  They then investigated then by looking carefully and cutting them out. The children made some great observations about them.

We  have had a lovely time accessing our indoor and outdoor area. The children are loving our new role play area,  ‘The Icecream Parlour.’

The children have also enjoyed listening to the story of Elmer, weaving an Elmer the Elephant and making Emler out of playdough. Some children worked together to design and build a home for Elmer out of lego and duplo.

Here are a few photos of our busy week.

Year 1 Homework

This week there is a video ready for your children to compete on ‘Maths with Parents’ which is based on time. We will also be sending home some nonsense and real words home for your child through. Many thanks.