Today in science we started a new topic on materials. We started by feeling lots of different things in a feely box and trying to describe what they felt like. The Year 1s had a go at making hands with different materials on and describing how they felt. Everyone enjoyed having a turn at using the feely boxes.



Last week in science we learnt about hibernation. We listened to a story about a hedgehog (Hattie) who was trying to get ready for hibernation, but kept getting disturbed by other animals who wanted to hibernate with her. We talked about how hibernation is like a deep sleep. We felt our heart beat and talked about how animals who hibernate have a much slower heart beat. We also thought about why they might hibernate.

We then made hedgehog biscuits and had lots of different activities in our choosing time, including building miniature hibernation homes (which was also great for our fine motor skills and creative thinking).


Library Trip – Thursday 25th October

Reception and Y1 will be visiting Ecclesall Library on Thursday 25th October and will be participating in fun activities relating to books and reading.
We will be walking to the library so the children will need to have an outdoor coat and sensible shoes.
We will be leaving school at 9am and will be back just before lunchtime.
We would be grateful for parent helpers. If you are able to accompany us, please let us know.
Thank you!

Judaism Week

The children have been learning about another faith this week. They have enjoyed listening to and role playing the special story of ‘Moses.’ We have also learnt about the Jewish holiday Hanukkah which is the ‘Festival of Light.’ We had a go at making Menorahs and Stars of David. Here are pictures of some of the activities.  Hopefully your child will be able to tell you a little a bit about what they have been learning!


Year 1 Homework

The spellings for this week are –






Again we will be covering these spellings at school as well. We work on our spelling strategies throughout the week (‘Fred fingers’ and ‘red rhythms’ for tricky words). It would be fantastic if you could look at these spellings with your child and perhaps practise them in fun ways (in the air,  with a paintbrush, with magnetic letters, using a variety of gel pens/felt tips). It woluld also be good if they can have a go at writing them down.

Year 1 Maths with Parents activity has been set – Number bonds that equal 10 . If you haven’t registered or are struggling with the website, please pop in to see us. Many thanks.


The children have brought home ‘My Reading Book’ this week with the sounds in that they have been learning at school. Please can you go through the sounds and ask then on the next page there are words for them to blend and read. I apologise as some children didn’t go home with a story sack today, we will send them home on Monday. Sorry.

Reading Days and Year 1 Library

Reception children will be bringing home their reading material this week (as discussed in our meeting after school last week. If you were unable to attend and would like more information please let us know). Here is a list of reading days plus a reminder of Year 1 reading days. Year 1s will be going to the library every other Monday. There next visit will be on Monday 22nd.

Monday readers –

-Yi Wen





Tuesday readers –






Wednesday readers –

-Rory L

-Joseph C

-Sophie C

-Sophie B

-Iris A



-Harry S

Thursday readers –

-Iris D


– Rory K


– Lana

-Harry A


Friday readers –